Is the global financial sector in the Russian cyber crosshair?

The Russian Security Council and the Foreign Intelligence Service recently suggested that cyberattacks on the Russian banking system are on the horizon, potentially wreaking havoc and limiting the availability of funds. It may be just a matter of time for this perceived threat on Russian financial systems to turn from defensive to offensive actions, increasing the threat of cyber attacks across the sector. It’s clear that the global financial sector remains a high-priority target during the protracted Russia-Ukraine war.

 How can we separate disinformation from real cyber danger? Offense vs. defense? How can banks and other financial services companies better defend against nation-states that wield cyber as an element of national power?

In this webinar, industry leaders from Bridgewater and Texas Capital Bank will discuss with General (Ret.) Keith Alexander, former Commander of U.S. Cyber Command, the current “state of the state” in cyber for financial services firms and ways companies across the sector can come together to implement a shared cyber defense strategy – without giving up their competitive edge.