IronNet for CISOs

You can’t defend against what you can’t see. IronNet’s Collective Defense powered with network detection and response (NDR) fills in the gaps that other tools miss, empowering you with the organizational confidence to minimize digital risk by maximizing your security investments and improving your company’s security posture. Gain broader threat visibility. Prioritize your resources. Empower your team. Drive your bottom line. Do it all with IronNet.

Start by mapping your capabilities to the MITRE ATT&CKⓇ  Framework.

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Ransomware attacks are always enabled by network connectivity to some degree: delivery, lateral movement/ spreading, command-and-control (C2), etc. Early detection of the initial network intrusion, therefore, is crucial, before the adversary has the chance to advance the ransomware campaign.

In other words, ransomware is the very last step an attacker takes after fully compromising a network to monetize their efforts.

Discover how to catch ransomware campaigns early with NDR.
Collective Defense powered with network detection and response

Strengthen your security posture

Traditional security tools can’t keep up with today’s advanced cyber attacks. You need earlier and increased visibility into an evolving threat landscape, with ways to stop threats at the early access stage of an attack’s lifecycle. Firewalls and endpoint detection tools are not enough. With Collective Defense powered with AI-based NDR capabilities, your SOC can detect unknown network threats that signature tools can’t see. Proactively discover, prioritize, and respond to novel threats at network speed. Increase visibility into the threat landscape. 

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Faster and more accurate
threat detection and response

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Secure cloud and BYOD environments

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Real-time collaboration
with your industry peers

See Collective Defense in action

“None of our other threat hunting tools sparked an alarm. This may suggest that we can turn off some of our other threat hunting tools and save some money by using IronNet. This is IronNet value at work. Thank you, IronNet."
- Chief Technology Officer
of a sovereign wealth fund with a $300 billion portfolio
Efficiency you can see

Maximize your investments

Security shouldn’t be a guessing game. You need to know exactly where your security posture stands so you can address the weakspots, including supply chain risk, and maximize the impact of your security investments. Across industries, our solutions have a proven track record of enhancing analyst performance, closing security gaps, and optimizing your tool set. With IronNet, you can confirm that you are allocating the appropriate spend for the appropriate outcomes.
"We renewed and expanded the IronDefense solution as a result of the increased precision of analytics, proactive hunt team support, partnership with our Customer Success team, and the capability to crowdsource tools, resources, and expertise across our peers through IronDome's collective defense offering. We believe IronNet is the next big thing in cyber."
- Senior Security Director
Free up your team's time

Empower your analysts

Your cyber analysts are the heartbeat of your SOC. But when they’re spending time managing alert overload and tedious playbook steps, they aren’t able to work strategically to accelerate response by risk. Our network detection and response capabilities free up analysts’ time so they can focus on triage and rapid incident response to protect business-critical operations. By leveraging automated processes and AI-driven behavioral analytics, you can offset skill gaps and talent shortages while giving your analysts a way to see and stop threats before they become full-on attacks. Empower your analysts and see the results.

Find out why SOC analysts
choose IronNet

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Enhanced visualizations and reporting

See the whole picture

As a CISO, it’s not enough to think your security tools are working — you need to know that they’re working. Our products feature enhanced reporting and measurement capabilities that tell you where your security gaps are. With IronNet, you can confidently prioritize resources, lower overhead, increase operational efficiency, and communicate to your Board how you are mitigating digital risk. Our product dashboards are intuitive and leverage UX and UI best practices so you can find exactly what you need, when you need it. What’s more, reports are available in a number of user-friendly formats. See the whole picture, and the bottom line, with IronNet.
"We see IronNet as complimentary to our efforts with the O&G ISAC and have bought into the vision of collective defense to better protect ourselves and our sector."
Fortune 500 energy company
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Comprehensive cloud security

IronNet’s network detection and response solution driven by behavioral analytics enables you to see the truth in the network traffic. With AWS and Azure integrations, for example, IronDefense can access cloud logs to detect and analyze threats and provide anonymous, correlated context that no single enterprise would have on its own.

IronNet-For CISOs-See the whole picture

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