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Today’s critical energy infrastructure depends on cybersecurity solutions that can respond in real-time. We support the nation’s leading energy and utility companies with network detection and response (NDR) solutions based on behavioral analytics that detect unknown threats. With IronNet’s unique products and services, energy and utility companies can work together to detect, triage, and mitigate sophisticated threats before they impair availability. Gain situational awareness, reduce the impact of attacks, ensure that you are allocating the appropriate spend for the appropriate outcomes.

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The impact of cybercrime

IronNet-Energy and Utilities-Utilities
67% of utility

industry applications are vulnerable to severe cyber threats 
(2021 Appsec Stats Flash, WhiteHat Security)

IronNet-Energy and Utilities-Average Cost
$4.65 million

average cost of data breaches in 2021 
(2021 Cost of Breach Report, IBM)

Collective Defense bridges the gap between public and private sectors to strengthen the security and resiliency of energy companies. Placing cybersecurity at the core is critical for utilities and energy companies to fulfill their mandate of safely and efficiently delivering reliable energy and products to end-users.

Protect the energy infrastructure with Collective Defense

As utilities and O&G have embraced digitization, vulnerabilities have only increased. At IronNet, we understand the complex challenges the energy sector faces. As a result, we deliver enhanced visibility into your threat landscape so you can build a proactive defense that protects critical operations. IronNet’s Collective Defense powered with network detection and response (NDR) gives your team the ability to detect and respond faster to known and unknown threats on the network, all while anonymously collaborating with a cross-sector community of peers for more relevant threat intelligence. With Collective Defense, you can enhance your security posture while maximizing your resources.
IronNet-Defense-Greater Visibility
Greater visibility of unknown network threats for faster response and mitigation
IronNet-Energy and Utilities-Dashboard
A correlation dashboard to see across the sector in real time
IronNet-Defense-Real Time Access
Immediate access to peer analysis of threats, reducing hacker dwell time across the supply chain
IronNet-Energy and Utilities-Value Chain
Visibility across the energy value chain in real time to defend better with limited investments
IronNet-IronDefense-Unparalleled Scalability
The ability to pool and scale cyber resources for enhanced knowledge-sharing across the sector
IronNet-Energy and Utilities-SIEM

Integrations with SIEM and SOAR to cut down on alert fatigue and de-duplication of events

Keeping the lights on
with Collective Defense

While Southern Company maintains a mature cybersecurity posture, the role of its security leadership is to ensure that the company is always anticipating and planning for the next attempt to compromise its facilities and services. Southern Company invested in its partnership with IronNet to increase its ability to detect Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), reduce dwell time and more quickly recover in the event of an attack.

Additional resources for security
utilities and energy companies

IronNet-Annual Threat Report 2021

2021: The year of ransomware

Look back at the most impactful event and trends in cybersecurity during 2021 inside IronNet’s Annual Threat Report.

Closing the cyber talent gap for energy

As one midwestern energy company has experienced in recent years, the global cyber talent gap is taking a toll. This IronNet customer relies on its relatively small SOC to carry the cyber torch and meet the energy needs of more than 1.6 million customers.
IronNet-Ransomware Attack-Catching Ransomware Thumbnail
White paper

Ransomware attacks are always enabled by network connectivity to some degree: delivery, lateral movement/ spreading, command-and-control (C2), etc. Early detection of the initial network intrusion, therefore, is crucial, before the adversary has the chance to advance the ransomware campaign.

In other words, ransomware is the very last step an attacker takes after fully compromising a network to monetize their efforts.

Discover how to catch ransomware campaigns early with NDR.

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