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IronNet’s Collective Defense platform, powered with network detection and response (NDR), helps your cyber team to minimize digital risk by maximizing your security investments and improving your company’s security posture.
  • Reduce security vulnerabilities and increase business opportunities
  • Improve threat detection by benefiting from a community of cyber analysts
  • See incidents coming and stop them by sharing threat information faster
  • Work across and within all sectors with machine learning and behavioral analytics
  • Get better visibility across your supply chain to defend better with limited investments
  • Rely on proven experience with a team of former NSA, DoD and U.S. Cyber Command experts

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IronNet is a global cybersecurity leader that is revolutionizing how organizations secure their enterprises by delivering the first-ever Collective Defense platform operating at scale. Our solutions leverage our unique offensive and defensive cyber experience to deliver advanced behavioral analysis and collective intelligence to detect known and unknown threats. Request your live demo to see Collective Defense in action.