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IronDome is the first automated cyber Collective Defense solution that delivers threat knowledge and intelligence across industries at machine speed. With IronDome, your organization can collaborate with others across industries and sectors to stay ahead of evolving threats through real-time threat sharing.

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The future of cyber defense

Cyber threats are evolving exponentially. Attacks are evolving faster than most organizations can manage alone. We founded IronNet to change the way organizations think about security, building a broad coalition that can collaboratively work together to stay ahead of threats and threat actors. The IronDome solution facilitates Collective Defense to deliver the unique ability to automate real-time knowledge sharing and collaboration between and beyond sectors for faster threat detection. Now, you can build a stronger cyber defense that can scale over time by anonymously collaborating with others in real time.
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As we work with IronNet and our other partners, I look forward to more international companies joining us in the spirit of Collective Defense…to give companies more situational awareness of what’s happening around the globe and address threats collectively.
—Tom Wilson,
VP and CISO, Southern Company

The power of collective threat intelligence at scale

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Gain real-time visibility across your threat landscape

IronDome leverages proven analytics, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques across anonymized participant data to identify stealthy, sophisticated threats that otherwise may be missed by an individual enterprise and signature-based tools. It delivers real-time visibility of cyber threats targeting supply chains, industries, regions, or any custom IronDome Collective Defense grouping.
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Reduce impact of cyber attacks with help from fellow cyber defenders

IronDome acts as a collaboration hub to enable participants to automatically share real-time detections, triage outcomes, threat indicators, and other insights with members of their Collective Defense group. When suspicious behaviors are identified by any member, IronDome automatically shares a proactive warning to all members at machine speed so each member can prioritize their defense against the identified cyber threat.
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Improve effectiveness of your existing cybersecurity investments

Threat intelligence is only valuable if you receive it in time, before a threat enters your network. IronNet’s unique collective threat intelligence provides immediate alerts and context into urgent threats, enabling you to prioritize threats and build a proactive defense. This information can be used by their existing network, endpoint, or other security tools to identify and stop adversaries from retargeting their attack.
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White paper

Data sharing in Collective Defense: Myths v. Reality

There is a long-standing fear that data sharing places data privacy and security at risk. But is it true? Explore the myths of data sharing and learn why it's critical to building a strong cyber defense.

How it works

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IronDome creates a communication network that identifies attacks as they evolve. All members are anonymously notified of anomalies identified by participating companies through their IronDefense local instances and are told how prevalent this particular behavior is within the industry and the risk it poses for the enterprise.
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How enterprises benefit
from IronDome

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Collective Defense:
A radar-like view of cyber threats

Collective Defense is the ability for organizations — comprising a sector, supply chain, or country — to share threat intelligence securely and in real time, providing all members an early warning system about potential incoming attacks. Discover the benefits of this new approach to cybersecurity.

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