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With high volumes of sensitive data and intellectual property coursing through a vast supply chain, the space development industry faces accelerated cyber risk. IronNet’s Collective Defense platform provides detection of new and unidentified cyberattack behaviors and a secure environment for real-time collaboration based on actionable attack intelligence.

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This collaboration comes at an optimal time as Axiom begins to lay down the core layer of infrastructure in orbit that will sustain humanity’s expansion off of the planet. Cybersecurity is a growing concern in space and we are glad to help provide leadership along with IronNet and other leaders, to protect this critical function on the ground and in orbit.
- Michael Suffredini
Axiom CEO
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Defend the space industrial base with Collective Defense

The space development industry is fueled by cutting-edge innovation. As adversaries look to cyber threats as an element of national power, it’s critical that front-line stakeholders across the space industrial base come together to defend together. IronNet delivers better visibility into the shared threat landscape so the space industry can focus on its core mission: innovation in the next frontiers of space. Protect your intellectual property. Protect your human resources in space. Be proactive in your cyber defense with IronNet Collective Defense.

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Greater visibility of unknown threats for faster detection, investigation, and triage
IronNet-Defense-Augment Staff@2x
The ability to augment limited cyber staff through automated hunting and collaborative analysis
IronNet-Defense-Real Time Access@2x
Real-time access to analysis of threats so you can reduce hacker dwell time in your network
IronNet-Defense-Bi Directional Integrations@2x
Bi-directional integrations into SIEM and SOAR tools to improve effectiveness of cyber investments
IronNet-Defense-See and Classify Unknown@2x
Advanced ways to see and classify “unknown unknowns” thereby automating the reduction of noise and “alert fatigue”
IronNet-Defense-Machine Learning@2x
Machine learning detection analytics that free up staff to focus on prioritization and rapid response

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Your common questions, answered.

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How do I ensure I am cyber secure and my IP is protected?

40% of cyber attacks are against weak links in the supply chain (Accenture). IronNet will provide continuous monitoring and discovery of your assets, immediate alerts for changes in your network, and critical vulnerability identification in your services and systems, allowing you to take control of your network security measures.

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How do I ensure protection at every entry point against bad actors?

The IronNet Collective Defense platform combines network detection and response capabilities based on behavioral analytics (IronDefense) with collective threat intelligence through anonymized alert sharing (IronDome). This combination of technologies provides deep network insights, including early detection of unknown network threats, enhanced by the insights and experience of peers across the industry and beyond.

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How do I meet the requirement of continuous monitoring with more efficient toolsets and lack of cyber expertise?

IronDefense is the industry’s most advanced network detection and response (NDR) platform built to stop the most sophisticated cyber threats - North/South and East/West Traffic. Gain unparalleled visibility. Empower your entire team - small or large. Make faster, smarter decisions. With continuous monitoring you can prevent breaches, maintain up-time, achieve compliance best practices, and save time and money.

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How do I meet CMMC requirements?

IronNet’s mission is to deliver the power and resources of Collective Defense so that any company, organization, or public entity can defend better as part of a collaborative ecosystem with shared knowledge and vetted alerts in real time. As our mission applies to the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), our products satisfy aspects of the control families across each of the five CMMC levels, and our professional services capabilities provide organizations with the ability to prepare for and maintain adequate adherence to their requirements to both achieve and maintain CMMC Certification.

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Collective Defense:
A radar-like view of cyber threats

Collective Defense is the ability for organizations — comprising a sector, supply chain, or country — to share threat intelligence securely and in real time, providing all members an early warning system about potential incoming attacks. Discover the benefits of this new approach to cybersecurity.

IronNet-Annual Threat Report 2021
A year in review

Get IronNet’s 2021 Annual Threat Report

Look back at the most impactful event and trends in cybersecurity during 2021 inside IronNet’s Annual Threat Report.

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