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Cybersecurity is a growing challenge for businesses of all sizes. Leaders need a smarter way to gain visibility into their threat landscape while enhancing the effectiveness of current cybersecurity investments. All while moving more and more applications to the cloud. At IronNet, we deliver innovative services and products that empower analysts and deliver need-to-know data to your C-suite. Manage threat detection and response, gain insights from across your industry, and maintain your workflows by integrating seamlessly with your current technologies.

The impact of cybercrime


50 to 65m records

average size of a mega breach
(2021 Cost of Data Breach Study, Ponemon institute and IBM Security)

IronNet-Energy and Utilities-Average Cost

$401 million

average total cost of a mega breach
(2021 Cost of Data Breach Study, Ponemon institute and IBM Security)

Even though worldwide spending on information security increases every year, results have not kept up. Broader, real-time visibility of threats across your enterprise network infrastructure (whether on-premise, cloud, or hybrid) can strengthen your cybersecurity defense, protecting your company and securing consumer trust in the digital economy.

Move your enterprise forward with Collective Defense

With threats becoming more sophisticated and so much at stake, it’s essential that enterprises develop a robust cybersecurity program that is proactive instead of reactive. Our approach to security goes beyond signature-based detection. At IronNet, we deliver the visibility you need to see unknown threats across the entire enterprise. Collective Defense powered with network detection and response (NDR) enhances your ability to detect threats and respond faster, all while maximizing your current security investments. What’s more, you have the ability to seamlessly collaborate with other company SOCs in real time — enabling you to proactively discover, prioritize, and respond to unknown threats. See how we’re doing security differently.
IronNet-Defense-Greater Visibility
Greater visibility of unknown network threats for faster response and mitigation
IronNet-Enterprise-VIrtual sensors
Virtual sensors that enable low-cost visibility of East/West traffic in the cloud
IronNet-Defense-Real Time Access
Real time access to peer analysis of threats to reduce hacker dwell time and alert fatigue
IronNet-Enterprise-Improved awareness
Improved awareness of insider threats by detecting “cloud trails” / anomalous network behavior
IronNet-Defense-Machine Learning

More productive time managing IOCs through machine learning analysis


The ability to enhance SIEM / SOAR with analytics and advanced tools that integrate with existing investments

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Detecting threats ahead of the curve

How do you secure the hybrid environment supporting your firm’s rapid digital transformation? The answer lies in network defense — that is, in gaining the ability to detect unknown threats on the network ahead.

IronNet-Enterprise-Security Breaches

40% of security breaches

originate from Indirect attacks against weak links in the supply chain
- Accenture

Only as strong as your weakest link

You may be confident about your company’s security safeguards. But what about your supply chain? Consider that today’s supply chain is now less of a linear chain moving parts from manufacturing to market and more of a web that extends and branches in every direction. With digital services such as cloud providers in the mix, we’re now talking about a multi-faceted ecosystem to run your core business.

  • Business Email Compromise (BEC): Often associated with financial transfers, where criminals leverage the fact that business is often conducted via email.
  • Using vulnerability information gleaned from OSINT tools: Finding weaknesses in supplier or vendors in your supply chain to exploit in order to gain entry to your networks.
  • “Living off the land” (or “fillers”) attacks: Gaining additional access using tools that already exist in the computing environment.
  • Embedded systems: Accessing backdoors through network-aware embedded systems, Operational Technology (OT), and IoT devices.
  • Service providers: Taking advantage of the potential risk associated with the usage of third-party service providers.
IronNet-Enterprises-Weakest Link
IronNet-Ransomware Attack-Catching Ransomware Thumbnail
White paper

Ransomware attacks are always enabled by network connectivity to some degree: delivery, lateral movement/ spreading, command-and-control (C2), etc. Early detection of the initial network intrusion, therefore, is crucial, before the adversary has the chance to advance the ransomware campaign.

In other words, ransomware is the very last step an attacker takes after fully compromising a network to monetize their efforts.

Discover how to catch ransomware campaigns early with NDR.

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5 strategies for securing your supply chain

While the news of the latest zero day attack always dominates the headlines, a more insidious risk is building much closer to home: the vulnerabilities posed by unsecured supply chains. Hear more from Forrester Analyst Alla Valente.

Visibility across your enterprise network

In its June 2020 “On the Radar” report, the industry analyst Omdia calls “IronNet's ability to discern needle-moving insights from encrypted network traffic flows, and do it without the heavy proprietary hardware required...a potential game changer.” 

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