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The biggest cyber threat is defending alone.

See and stop attacks faster with the IronNet Collective DefenseSM platform.
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How the IronNet Collective Defense Platform works

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Detect threats, exchange insights, and stop attacks faster.

From ransomware to IP thefts to attacks on critical infrastructure or supply chains, IronNet understands the evolving cyber threat landscape. 
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Top 5 Cybersecurity Pain Points

Alert Fatigue

Using best-in-class artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) algorithms and advanced behavioral detection, our correlation analytics “CODE-ifies” our world-class analysts’ expertise to sift through the disorganized mass of alerts and then combine and prioritize them so you can work on the most critical alerts first.

Operational Efficiencies

Your threat hunters are faced with countless steps to collect and process data, without much insight. IronNet gives them the insights and context they need in the same interface used to track and work alerts.

Automated Threat Intelligence

We know you don’t have time to monitor and update the latest threat intel, so IronNet automatically provides threat intel rules with new, curated signatures and suricata rules tied to specific attacks detected and investigated across our entire customer base.

Technology Integration and Optimization

IronNet fully integrates with leading SIEM/SOAR, EDR solutions - improving the value of your existing stack investments. Plus, our intuitive platform scores alerts and provides related context, and our community view shows how alerts are correlated to known attacks on other networks.

Cybersecurity at Scale

No matter how large your organization, there aren’t enough analysts to track all major threat groups and monitor their activities. The IronNet Collective Defense℠ platform acts as a SOC multiplier. Community members collaborate to work through alerts more quickly and have enough time to hunt and identify unique attacks. Plus, we can be up and running in 30 days.

Collective Defense for Critical Industries

By collaborating in real-time, companies and organizations across sectors can defend industries better, together, by seeing and fighting the same threats.
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Financial Services

Mitigate cyber risk and migrate to the cloud securely


Protect competitive intellectual property across the DIB
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Safeguard protected health information from data breaches
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Public Sector

Scale-up limited resources through real-time collaboration
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Energy & Utilities

Improve cybersecurity across the energy supply chain


Join the cybersecurity ecosystem for the next-gen space race

The IronNet Collective DefenseSM Platform

The IronNet Collective Defense℠ platform for cybersecurity goes beyond basic NDR capabilities to give you the confidence of knowing you're protected.
Iron Defense Platform

Trusted by industry leaders


Shaik Abdulkhader CISO at Middle East Energy Company Testimonial

IronNet Collective Defense is improving our overall cybersecurity posture.

- Shaik Abdulkhader,
CISO at Middle East Energy Company
Arno Robbertse, CEO ITC Security

IronNet's IronDome and Collective Defense solution helps us, as a managed service security provider, and ultimately our clients, do more with less. We're able to scale our Security Operations Center by having a very sophisticated tool that reduces false positives and identifies attacks and threats that otherwise may not have been picked up by traditional monitoring tools.

- Arno Robberstse,
Chief Executive Officer, ITC Secure

The Impact of the IronNet Collective DefenseSM Platform


Reduction in mean time to response


The time to create a threat incident rule decreased from 1 hour to 1 minute

Decreased risk of a data breach 




Saved each year in time and resources

It’s time we defend together.

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