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IronNet delivers the industry’s most advanced network detection and response capabilities, enhanced by analytics, threat intelligence, and a seamless ability to collaborate through Collective Defense.

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New capabilities for our Collective Defense platform

Reduce false positives through automated alert correlation (including malicious payload detection) and extend your supported hunt window.

IronNet’s IronDome and Collective Defense solution helps us as an MSSP and ultimately our clients do more with less. We are able to scale our SOC by having a very sophisticated tool that reduces false positives and identifies threats that otherwise may not have been picked up by traditional monitoring tools.
- Arno Robbertse,
CEO of ITC Secure
Collective Defense for Unlimited Technology
- David Lathrop,
VP of the Utility Strategic Business Unit

The Collective Defense platform

We’re stronger together. Our Collective Defense platform – based around our IronDome and IronDefense products – enables organizations to share intelligence, hunt, identify, and collaboratively stop threats like never before. You are not alone. Discover the power of Collective Defense.
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Network detection and response

Hunt and stop threats faster
with IronDefense

Collective Defense

See an attack before it hits
with IronDome

Why IronNet

Learn how leading companies are using IronNet to enhance their cybersecurity.

IronNet Threat Intelligence Hub

View the latest updates and analysis on significant cybersecurity events from IronNet’s threat intelligence and research teams.

Measuring the IronNet impact

time savings through automatic
event enrichment
efficiency gain from
Collective Defense
Attack Intelligence rules delivered each year
Why IronNet

Enhancing capabilities
for the entire team

IronNet empowers analysts with better tools for triage and investigation and delivers need-to-know data and reporting to the C-suite. Your team can manage threat detection and response, gain insights from across your industry, and do all of this in a way that integrates seamlessly with your current technologies and architecture.
Analytics & detection
Detect and prioritize threats with detailed analytics to better inform your response, launch forensic investigations and share insights.
Architecture & certifications
Achieve security and compliance requirements with architecture that meets multi-tenancy and SaaS demands.
Cloud security
Discover cloud-native NDR with the ability to leverage AWS/Azure logs or cloud network traffic using sensors.
IronNet ecosystem
Integrate with your threat intelligence, SIEM, SOAR, workflow, ticketing, and endpoint products to maximize impact of your current technology.
Visualization & reporting
See the threat landscape across your organization and industry in exceptional detail, and generate real-time reporting for leadership.

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“Great product for advanced threat detection from a world-class team of security experts”

Senior Security Engineer
in the Finance Industry

“IronNet/IronDome gives fantastic insight into our security posture”

VP, Enterprise Technology
in the Finance Industry

“Leading Cybersecurity solution provider for Network Traffic Analytics”

Information Security Professional
in the Finance Industry

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View resources, white papers, reports, and other documentation on IronNet products
and capabilities, as well as cybersecurity thought leadership and education.
View resources, white papers, reports, and other documentation on IronNet products and capabilities, as well as cybersecurity thought leadership and education.

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