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With IronNet, you can hunt, analyze, and triage threats faster, defending against them as a unified front. Our collaborative approach maximizes the value of your cybersecurity investments and reduces the burden currently overwhelming analysts. Explore common use cases, and discover the value for your organization.
With IronNet, I have a control in place that gives me assurance that we are not being targeted by adversaries based on threat intel, proactive hunting and attacks from other networks.
- Head of Security Operations
Tier-one global financial institution

Work better


Gain superior network behavioral analysis

The threat landscape is ever changing. Today, your detection capabilities must go beyond endpoint protection and firewalls, augmented with powerful behavioral analysis solutions that enable analysts to detect unknown threats.

IronNet delivers behavioral analytics that are constantly improving thanks to the machine learning engines fueled by anonymized data from across industries. Using AI and ML techniques, IronNet delivers broader network visibility while facilitating real-time collaboration between a community of peers to better inform — and speed up your response. Benefit from Collective Defense by participating in real-time collective threat intelligence with IronNet.

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Secure your cloud environment

As your organization becomes more distributed, your attack surface increases.  Work environments demand innovative solutions that defend enterprise holistically, whether on-premise, cloud, or hybrid. 

Our network detection and response capabilities offer enhanced visibility and detection within massive cloud environments. This means faster threat detection, simplified security operations, and a fully secure posture for your distributed team. The way you work is evolving. IronNet supports AWS, Microsoft Azure public clouds, and enterprise private clouds, enabling your team to evolve along with your enterprise environment. 

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Case Study

Global financial firm uses IronNet's analytics to mitigate risk

Work smarter

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Reduce alert fatigue

Security teams throughout every industry are overwhelmed by alert fatigue and complex tools and processes. When time matters, efficiency is essential. But too often, manual effort leads to lower impact. Analysts spend too much time sorting through false alarms. At IronNet, our solutions improve effectiveness and efficiency of day-to-day tasks, enhancing analyst performance, closing security gaps, and optimizing toolsets. 

We offer a proven, scalable commercial platform that is centrally managed and maintained. Our solutions are proven to improve the time from threat detection to remediation, and they speed up investigation and mitigation of anomalies. What’s more, our products integrate with your existing workflows. Enhance your effectiveness and free up your team’s time to focus on strategic tasks.

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Increase and maximize impact

For Fortune 500 companies and other large organizations, security isn’t just a luxury; instead, it’s a necessity. Threats that go unseen can leave long-term financial and reputational damage. Analysts need innovative tools to gain complete visibility across the threat landscape. Executives need reports and visualizations that illustrate how their security investments are being managed and maximized. IronNet delivers network detection and response (NDR) capabilities that support your team at every level. 

Our solutions empower analysts with better tools and processes, and provide essential data to the C-suite. Based on network behavior, IronNet’s detection analytics help companies maximize the value of cybersecurity investments by identifying potential misconfigurations or gaps to tighten overall security. With Ironnet, your team gains confidence by uncovering unknown threats targeting your enterprise; appearing from broad, untargeted attacks; or dwelling in your network so that you can optimize your defenses and maximize your impact.  

Case Study

Midwestern energy company closes the talent gap with Collective Defense

...not sure anyone can solve the cybersecurity problem, but our bet is on IronNet's vision and team.
- Chief Security Officer of a utility company serving 5 million customers

Work more collaboratively

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Get real-time threat detection &
threat intelligence sharing

Cyber criminals are continuing to organize and grow. As a result, their attacks are evolving faster than most organizations can manage alone. We offer the industry’s most advanced network detection and response capabilities, enhanced by a seamless ability to collaborate through Collective Defense. Collective Defense enables your team to detect, prioritize, and share malicious threats among peer environments — at network speed. 

Even when attackers change tactics to evade detection, IronNet’s behavioral analytics capabilities can quickly identify the attempted attack. Through this revolutionary approach, security operations center analysts can work across organizations to collaborate on detection and response efforts in real-time. With IronNet Collective Defense capabilities, you can build a truly proactive approach to protect your organization and your extended enterprise.

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Detect the undetectable
with advanced red-teaming

Your information is everything. We can help you protect it by identifying and prioritizing risks to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data. As your trusted partner, we work with you to ensure a cost-effective, timely solution. 

Our red team services are driven by action. From our initial meeting to our collaborative strategy sessions, every step of our approach enables your organization to achieve the level of cyber maturity you need. Our assessments are technology-agnostic, risk-centric, and framework-based using existing frameworks and best practices. Leveraging advanced tools, our red team is able to mimic attack patterns used by real-world adversaries to stop or deter them in the future.

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