IronNet for SOC analysts

We walk in the same shoes and we know your challenges: too many alerts to triage, 18 tabs open on your desktop from 15 different security tools ​all the time​, not enough staff, detection tools that don’t integrate. Still, the security of your company and customers still rests in your hands.

Life as a SOC analyst isn’t easy. We can help.

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Updates and analysis on significant cybersecurity events from IronNet’s threat intelligence and research teams including:
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  • Nation-State Cyber threat reports
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View the latest updates on significant cybersecurity events.

A practical way to rule out false positives-WP Graphic

A practical way to rule out false positives

Learn how to achieve high-fidelity alerts using automated correlation-based detections.

"With IronNet, I have a control in place that gives me assurance that we are not being targeted by adversaries based on threat intel, proactive hunting and attacks from other networks."
- Head of Security Operations
Global financial firm with $125 billion in global investments
Proactive detection with behavioral analytics

Do what you do, even better

“What’s going on here?” S​o many network threat investigations start with this question. Do you have the best tools at your fingertips to hunt down these anomalies and get answers fast? Behavioral analytics make your existing tools smarter by focusing on unknown threats that signature detection often misses.

Behavioral analytics can detect when adversaries:

Change techniques, in turn, making a traditional IOC signature useless

Use a different approach for each target they are pursuing

Rotate infrastructures to create a game of cat and mouse

Set up a ransomware attack by intruding a network ahead of the payload (see how)

Stop hackers in their tracks with behavioral analytics

IronNet-How it works-Automated Correlation Engine
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Take back the power from cyber attackers

Equip your SOC to see more threats, reduce false positives, and extend your hunt timeframe using new Collective Defense platform capabilities.

Practical ways to rule out false alarms

Alert overload?

The number of cyber attacks is going up, as is the pressure to keep pace. ​Network Detection and Response​ solutions that vet, qualify, prioritize, and rate alerts before they even land with you are the only way out. I​ronDefense​ automates many of the time-consuming discovery steps and indicates the severity of anomalous activity. Analysts can make a decision in a shorter amount of time.

Break the cycle of alert fatigue

Use what you’re used to

"IronNet is truly a partner."
- SOC Chief
Energy company serving 1.6 million customers

Advanced detection for your SIEM

Chances are you already have a number of products to deal with. Since hands-on SOC experts helped design and engineer IronNet’s network detection and response (NDR) solution, ​IronDefense,​ using our open IronAPI, we know that our product seamlessly integrates​ within existing SIEM views. You don’t have to re-learn anything.

Discover how to make the tools you use even smarter.

IronNet-for SOC Anaysts-SIEM dashboard


Triage in minutes

SOAR dashboard integrations
Our vision at IronNet, put into practice in our own SOC, is to upskill junior analysts by raising the skill floor. We do this by:
IronNet-Use Cases-Automating detection
Automating detection with cybersecurity analytics so SOC analysts are not bogged down by investigation
IronNet-Use Cases-Cyber threat hunting
Offering up our cyber threat hunting expertise and full Packet Capture (PCAP) analysis to enable quick pivoting to triage
IronNet-Use Cases-Enabling IronDefense
Enabling I​ronDefense integrations with SOAR platforms such as Splunk Phantom​ and Demisto XSOAR to make this transition even more efficient.
IronNet-Resource-Downloadable Cover-8 cybersecurity challenges and how to solve them
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Improve visibility of cyber threats

Network detection and response tools can detect threats that slip past endpoint detection tools and firewalls.

Turn alerts into actions

Ticketing system integrations
At IronNet, we’re not ticketing experts. But we don’t have to be. If you’re at a large enterprise driven by ticket management such as ServiceNow, there’s no need to change up what’s been working for you all along.
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Investigate and contain threats on your endpoint

EDR integrations
Seamlessly investigate threats detected by IronNet from the network to the host and contain compromised hosts.
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"IronNet threat detection allowed the firm “to act fast and catch a BotNet on our Firewall before it got inside our network” -- all within 24 hours of detection."
- Chief Technology Officer
of a sovereign wealth fund with a $300 billion portfolio

See more, know more

Peer collaboration in real-time

Network Detection and Response gives us a bigger picture of the threat landscape. Even better is being able to connect with peers in real time. Collective Defense ​allows you to share threat context, prevalence and expert commentary about how to triage. Think of Waze but for cyber.

Watch how Collective Defense correlation works.