What is Collective Defense?

Sophisticated threats require an innovative approach. Collective Defense empowers your organization to stay ahead of evolving threats to better defend your network through real-time sharing and collaboration across industries and sectors. Experience the power of Collective Defense.

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Watch how Collective Defense works to detect, prioritize, and share suspicious and malicious threats among customer environments. Even when attackers pivot and change malware to evade detection, IronNet’s behavioral analytics capabilities can quickly identify the attempted attack.
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Evolution of Collective Defense

The notion of Collective Defense is nothing new. From a geopolitical standpoint, NATO has upheld the principles of Collective Defense for decades through its long-standing military alliance. As NATO famously stated: an attack against one member is considered an attack against all members.

The same principle applies in this new approach to cybersecurity, where organizations work together as a unified front in the face of constant threat of cyber attack from nation states, hackers, and criminals. These threat actors are known to work together to share techniques, forming an effective “collective offense” to infiltrate organizations. Through faster sharing of behavioral analytics, signature-based, and human threat insights, organizations collaborating via Collective Defense can more effectively spot malicious activity and greatly reduce attacker dwell time to mitigate threats before damage occurs.

Shared intelligence. Proven impact.

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Gain real-time visibility and detection capabilities across your threat landscape

Leverage proven analytics, cultivated artificial intelligence (AI), and advanced hunting techniques trained by anonymized participant data to identify stealthy, sophisticated threats that otherwise may be missed by an individual enterprise.

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Reduce impact of a cyber attack with help from fellow cyber defenders

Automatically share real-time detections, triage outcomes, threat indicators, and other insights with members of your collective defense group, so you can prioritize your defense against an identified cyber threat. 

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Improve effectiveness of your existing cybersecurity investments

Get immediate alerts and context into urgent threats with IronNet’s collective threat intelligence, so you can prioritize threats and build a proactive defense.
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Collective Defense:
A radar-like view of cyber threats

Collective Defense is the ability for organizations — comprising a sector, supply chain, or country — to share threat intelligence securely and in real time, providing all members an early warning system about potential incoming attacks. Discover the benefits of this new approach to cybersecurity.

Get actionable insight
and learn from it

Today’s cyber threats require a collaborative approach. With Collective Defense, your team gets visibility into the entire threat picture. Work with a community of peers to better inform your response.
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Collective Defense delivers:

Visibility across enterprise ecosystems

Real-time, machine-speed sharing between large and small enterprise peers quickly reveals detected anomalies across all stages of the Cyber Kill Chain in situational context. With such instant visibility, security teams can triage and respond quickly to mitigate otherwise unknown attacks targeting their enterprises and the broader collective defense community.

Group level detection and correlation

Advanced behavioral analysis at the IronDome level enables detection of unknown or stealthy threats targeting your business ecosystem, industry, region, or custom IronDome Collective Defense group.

Instant collaboration with fellow defenders

Automatic sharing of investigation notes and triage outcomes helps optimize security response and increases defensive economies of scale across all IronDome members.
“The value proposition associated with the Dome is not just about Con Edison. It’s about the entire sector — and other sectors — that are at risk from a cyberattack. Understanding what’s going on in those networks compared to ours makes us collectively stronger and better able to mitigate those risks.”
— Manny Cancel,
former VP and CIO of Con Edison
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white paper

Solving the current cybersecurity challenges

Learn more about the top concerns of US security IT decision makers from various industries, based on a commissioned Vanson Bourne survey on the threat landscape and Collective Defense.

Experience Collective Defense

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The industry’s most advanced network detection and response built to stop the most sophisticated cyber threats.

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The first automated cyber defense solution that delivers threat knowledge and intelligence across industries at mission speed.

Who uses Collective Defense?

Most industries working to defend against fast-evolving cyber threats recognize the value in Collective Defense. By sharing cyber threat intelligence with each other in near real-time, organizations are able to shift from a reactive posture to a proactive one.
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Energy & utilities
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Financial services
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Public sector
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Oil & gas
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