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IronRadarSM is a purpose-built threat intelligence feed that enables cybersecurity teams to proactively block threats and improve detection by automatically ingesting data on the latest known - as well as new and unreported - attacker infrastructure. It provides security operations, incident response, and cyber threat intelligence teams with everything they need to quickly detect C2 servers before they are used in an attack and take action against today’s most sophisticated attackers.

Designed for easy integration, augmenting your cybersecurity stack to block C2 infrastructure is only an HTTP request away.

Block adversary infrastructure

How IronRadar works


We collect data and use a unique process to fingerprint a server to determine whether it is a C2 server, as those servers are being stood up--before an attack is initiated.


After fingerprinting, we enrich the data with context into purpose-built intelligence updates for proactively blocking the C2/adversary infrastructure.


Integrate with security tools, block, or query for indicators of compromise (IoCs) to correlate with other threat alerts and enable threat hunting


Features & Benefits

Delivered via a robust API, IronRadar can be consumed by a firewall, a SIEM, a threat intel platform, or any other threat hunting tools. IronRadar’s ability to integrate with security tools, as well as block or query for IOCs to correlate with other threat alerts, enables threat hunting and provides situational awareness for hunt operations. 
Using the data from the feed, SOC analysts can query their SIEM data to find communication to adversary infrastructure, thus reducing alert fatigue and the mean time to threat detection. Our goal is to allow cyber defenders to proactively detect and block new adversary infrastructure during the critical, incipient stage — before data exfil or system control can cause damage to an organization. 
Data provided by IronRadar is updated daily and curated to remove duplicate entries, reduce false positives, and add useful context. Together with the precise detection of adversary infrastructure, the feed’s curated data enables analysts to cut through the noise with data collection and tagging. 



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"Detecting weaponized C2 servers before they connect to a network and inflict damage like ransomware and eCrimes is a daunting challenge for all organizations. The launch of the purpose-built threat intelligence feed from IronNet is a game changer because it proactively blocks known, new, and unreported C2 infrastructures.
—Christopher Kissel
Research Vice President of Security and Trust Products, IDC
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