IronDefense: Your gateway to network detection and response

IronDefense is the industry’s most advanced network detection and response (NDR) platform built to stop the most sophisticated cyber threats. Gain unparalleled visibility. Empower your entire team. Make faster, smarter decisions.

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Experience advanced network detection and response

As an advanced NDR tool, IronDefense improves visibility across the threat landscape while amplifying detection efficacy within your network environment. As a result, your SOC team can be more efficient and effective with existing cyber defense tools, resources, and analyst capacity.
IronDefense gives you:
IronNet-IronDefense-Complete Visibility

Complete visibility

Real-time insights across industry threatscapes, human insights to detect threats, and higher-order analysis of anomalies correlated across groups of peers via IronDome Collective Defense integration.
IronNet-IronDefense-Advanced Detection

Faster response

Advanced automation to apply response playbooks built by the nation's top defenders to prioritize detected alerts by risk and supplement limited cyber staff
IronNet-IronDefense-Advanced Behavioral Detection

Advanced behavioral detection

Advanced network behavioral analysis that leverages proven AI/ML and analytics used to defend highly secure networks, allowing the ability to scale up analysis to the largest enterprises.
"Designed by Threat Hunters for Threat Hunters, our Collective Defense platform excels at finding novel threats on the network."
- Blake Cahen, IronNet Director of Cybersecurity Operations

Why IronDefense?

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Superior behavioral detection

IronDefense uses proven analytics based on Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques used in real-world defense against sophisticated cyber criminals and nation-state-level threat actors.
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Automated alert correlation and triage

IronNet’s alert correlation engine models adversarial attack techniques and pre-correlates anomalous activity by threat categories to improve risk scoring and alert prioritization, dramatically reducing alert load and investigation time.
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Extended hunt window

IronNet offers 30-, 60-, and 90-day extended hunt support windows so analysts can:
  • Create a complete threat picture over time
  • Amplify alert decision-making
  • Prove the positive that the network is safe
IronNet-Iron Defense-Malicious payload detection@2x

Malicious payload detection

IronDefense can detect malicious payloads on your network through optional streaming analytics. These analytics are cross-referenced with a file reputation database to determine whether a payload is malicious.
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Real-time visibility across your threat landscape

IronDefense works with our IronDome Collective Defense solution to deliver dynamic, real-time visibility to threats targeting your supply-chain, industry, or region.

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Proven expertise

IronNet partners with all our customers to deliver a personalized experience to help your security team plan, implement, integrate, and operate IronDefense. Our highly skilled industry experts with deep commercial, military, and intelligence experience will work with you every step of the way to deliver measurable improvements to detect network-based threats across your enterprise.

IronNet-IronDefense-End to End Visibility@2x

End-to-end visibility across hybrid and cloud environments

IronDefense leverages a broad range of cloud-deployed sensors for public/private cloud, virtual networks, and on-premise networks to help you secure your unique infrastructure, with the flexibility to accommodate your distributed teams.

Extend your SOC with IronNet’s dedicated Overwatch team

How it works

IronDefense ingests north-south traffic at your network perimeter and east-west traffic within your enterprise to provide full visibility across your network and full insights at the individual session level with its continuous PCAP capture capability. IronDefense uses virtual/physical sensors and data collectors that can be deployed anywhere.
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Press Release

New capabilities for our Collective Defense platform

Reduce false positives through automated alert correlation (including malicious payload detection) and extend your supported hunt window.

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White Paper

Improve visibility of cyber threats

Network detection and response tools can detect threats that slip past endpoint detection tools and firewalls.

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White paper

A practical way to rule out false positives

Learn how to achieve high-fidelity alerts using automated correlation-based detections.

Enterprise network telemetry sources

It’s critical that enterprises have total visibility into their network at all times. Our Collective Defense products deliver advanced network telemetry capabilities which seamlessly collect, analyze, and correlate network activity from a variety of data sources.
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