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Healthcare organizations need a smarter way to manage patient data and digital transformation without sacrificing security. We help you take better care of securing patient data and protecting uptime through Collective Defense. Find out how a Collective Defense approach to cybersecurity can strengthen your defense across interconnected environments.

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The impact of cybercrime

IronNet-Healthcare-Hidden costs

$2.75m per provider

average cost of data breach and exposes nearly 10,000 records 
(*Ponemon Institute and Censinet)

IronNet-Healthcare-Cost of cybercrime

11 consecutive years

healthcare suffered the highest cost for a data breach 
(2021 Cost of Breach Report, IBM Security)

Managing cybersecurity risk across diverse, interconnected healthcare and life science entities — payers, providers, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and much more — is essential to the delivery of patient care and breakthroughs while ensuring data privacy and the security of intellectual property that underpins the innovation in the sector.

Protect uptime and safety with Collective Defense

We offer industry-leading cybersecurity solutions that meet the complex needs and requirements of the healthcare and life sciences value chain. With Collective Defense powered with network detection and response (NDR), you can detect threats faster across the healthcare supply chain and industry at large, defending against them as a unified front.
IronNet-Defense-Greater Visibility
Greater visibility of unknown threats to protect PHI data integrity and prevent data theft
IronNet-Defense-Augment Staff
The ability to augment limited cyber staff through automated hunting and collaborative analysis
IronNet-Defense-Bi Directional Integrations
Bi-directional integrations into SIEM and SOAR tools to improve effectiveness of cyber investments
IronNet-Defense-Real Time Access
Real-time access to peer analysis of healthcare threats to add to compliance requirements
IronNet-Defense-See and Classify Unknown
Advanced ways to detect “unknown unknowns” automating the reduction of noise and “alert fatigue”
IronNet-Defense-Machine Learning
Machine learning detection analytics that free up staff to focus on event prioritization and rapid response
IronNet’s unique Collective Defense capability enables defenders to quickly and anonymously share newly discovered behaviors that indicate a potential compromise among subscribers in a given industry, helping all members better defend against that threat. By enabling this collaboration at scale, IronNet brings the big picture of attack campaigns into better focus.
- Paula Musich
Research Director, EMA
IronNet-Enterprise-Security Breaches

40% of security breaches

originate from indirect attacks against weak links in the supply chain

- Accenture

Only as strong as your weakest link

You may be confident about your company’s security safeguards. But what about your multi-layered supply chain? Consider, for example, that many diagnostic devices still run on Windows 7 and often are managed by managed security service providers. What is the risk? In healthcare, other third-party entities could include the following:

  • Medical device manufacturers
  • Research organizations
  • Transportation providers
  • Account providers
  • Call centers
  • Pharmacy benefit managers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
IronNet-Healthcare-Weakest Link

Map your path to supply chain security

While most companies have made their own cybersecurity a top priority, world-class companies don’t stop there. Here’s how to chart your course to full supply chain security.


You have layered cybersecurity strategy and best-in-class security portfolio to fully secure your own organization, including a behavioral analytics solution like IronDefense to detect network cyber threats beyond signature-based solutions.


In addition to securing your own enterprise, you have implemented a third-party risk program that includes security practices, procedures, and requirements for your top vendors, partners, and suppliers.


Your entire supply chain operates within an IronDome to detect and share threats with each other, in real time — giving you complete visibility across your value chain so you can more proactively defend against incoming attacks.
IronNet-Defense-Collective Defense White Paper

Are your service providers secure?

Mitigate the potential risks associated with the usage of third-party service providers. Learn more in our “Securing the Supply Chain” white paper.

Coping with COVID-19

The pandemic has propelled the world into uncharted territory. Hear from IronNet Co-CEO General (Ret.) Keith Alexander about the current threats and how to tackle them to protect intellectual property across the life sciences value chain.

Additional resources for securing
healthcare / life sciences

Securing the healthcare supply chain

Learn what the unknown vulnerabilities are and what can be done to increase security.

Healthcare threat landscape

The healthcare sector is a high-value target for cyber actors, who are after patient data, intellectual property, and more.

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As your organization’s attack surface grows, your team needs an innovative way to protect patient data, uptime, and intellectual property while embracing digital transformation. At IronNet, our advanced NDR products provide better visibility into your network while ensuring that you are making the most of your security investments. Discover the power of Collective Defense. Contact our team to request your demo.

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