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Our customers recognize the value of network detection and response (NDR) powered by Collective Defense. But don’t take our word for it. See how organizations around the world are benefiting from IronNet.
As we work with IronNet and our other partners, I look forward to more international companies joining us in the spirit of Collective Defense, in whatever way makes sense, to give companies more situational awareness of what’s happening around the globe and address threats collectively."
– Tom Wilson, VP and CISO, Southern Company

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IronNet’s IronDome and Collective Defense solution helps us as an MSSP and ultimately our clients do more with less. We are able to scale our SOC by having a very sophisticated tool that reduces false positives and identifies threats that otherwise may not have been picked up by traditional monitoring tools.

Arno Robbertse
CEO of ITC Secure

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Discover how IronNet empowers organizations across industries and around the world by delivering a new approach to network detection and response (NDR) and real-time threat intelligence sharing.
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What customers are saying

“The value proposition associated with the Dome is not just about Con Edison. It’s about the entire sector — and other sectors — that are at risk from a cyberattack. Understanding what’s going on in those networks compared to ours makes us collectively stronger and better able to mitigate those risks.”

Former VP and CIO of Con Edison

“With IronNet, I have a control in place that gives me assurance that we are not being targeted by adversaries based on threat intel, proactive hunting and attacks from other networks.”

Tier-one global financial institution

"IronNet is truly a partner."

Energy company serving 1.6 million customers

“IronNet threat detection allowed the firm “to act fast and catch a BotNet on our Firewall before it got inside our network” -- all within 24 hours of detection."

Sovereign wealth fund with a $300 billion portfolio

“None of our other threat hunting tools sparked an alarm. This may suggest that we can turn off some of our other threat hunting tools and save some money by using IronNet. This is IronNet value at work. Thank you, IronNet."

Sovereign wealth fund with a $300 billion portfolio

“We see IronNet as complementary to our efforts with the ONG-ISAC and have bought into the vision of collective defense to better protect ourselves and our sector."

Fortune 500 energy company

"IronDefense detected threats six times better than our current stack of cyber tools."

- CTO,
from a global investment organization

“Ironnet gets high praise in my book for quality detections and an A+ for top notch program management.”

Tier-one global financial institution

“We renewed and expanded the IronDefense solution as a result of the increased precision of analytics, proactive hunt team support, partnership with our Customer Success team, and the capability to crowdsource tools, resources, and expertise across our peers through IronDome’s collective defense offering. We believe IronNet is the next big thing in cyber.”

- Senior Security Director,
at a large US-based banking institution

“One of the best things about the company is the talent. I think it has the right mix of execution, the right culture. They’re incredibly engaging, and very outcome oriented….We very much appreciate the partnership as well as the focus on execution.”

Former VP Security Operations, Strategy & Architecture, Thomson Reuters

“The IronNet team’s real-world experience combating the toughest cyber threats is simply unparalleled … their contributions to helping our company protect our customers’ data have been invaluable.”

VP of Technology at a national mortgage lender

“Protecting critical infrastructure is no longer a private sector concern, but a national security imperative. We know malicious actors seek to disrupt global economies through attacks on technology systems that keep our lights on, food supplies safe and militaries prepared. Our partnership with IronNet offers the integration of advanced cyber products and operations experience to the global market.”

Vice President of Cybersecurity and Special Missions
at Raytheon Intelligence, Information and Services

“I'm not sure anyone can solve the cybersecurity problem, but our bet is on IronNet’s vision and team.”

Fortune 500 Energy Organization

“With General (Ret.) Alexander and his team, we knew we would be getting the best and very experienced professionals in the cybersecurity sector. Also, the idea of Collective Defense runs true with C5’s values as a Venture Capital firm and what C5 looks for in its portfolio companies.”

CISO, C5 Capital

“We face cyber attacks every day. And Southern Company isn’t alone – attacks are occurring across critical infrastructure. While Southern Company maintains a mature cybersecurity posture, the role of its security leadership is to ensure that the company is always anticipating and planning for the next attempt to compromise its facilities and services. Southern Company invested in its partnership with IronNet to increase its ability to detect Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), reduce dwell time, and more quickly recover in the event of an attack.”

VP and CISO at Southern Company

“IronNet helps us with the known/unknown problem. Every senior leader asks, ‘Are we secure?’ With IronNet, I have a control in place that gives me assurance that we are not being targeted by adversaries based on threat intel, proactive hunting, and attacks from other network.”

Global Hedge Fund Management Firm

“With banking institutions under constant threat of cyber attacks, we need to come together to fight back with threat intelligence that is timely, actionable, and relevant. IronNet has the technology to achieve this vision; now, it’s up to us to make the mind shift toward Collective Defense for the greater good of all Texas banks.”

- Chris Furlow,
President and CEO, Texas Bankers Association
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“Great product for advanced threat
detection from a world-class team of
security experts”

Senior Security Engineer
in the Finance Industry
IronNet-Homepage-Gartner peer insights 5 Star Review

“IronNet/IronDome gives fantastic
insight into our security posture”

VP, Enterprise Technology
in the Finance Industry
IronNet-Homepage-Gartner peer insights 5 Star Review

“Leading Cybersecurity
solution provider for Network
Traffic Analytics”

Information Security Professional
in the Finance Industry