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Safeguard your data, free up your time, and maximize your resources with a next-gen approach to cybersecurity that brings together public and private sectors for stronger defense. We protect the public sector with advanced network detection and response (NDR) capabilities combined with a collaborative approach that provides greater visibility of unknown threats. Work from a place of shared understanding for faster response.
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The impact of cybercrime


$1.93 million

average cost of data breaches 
(2021 Cost of Data Breach Study, IBM Security)

IronNet-Government-Public Sector

~80 percent

of public administration data breaches resulted in stolen credentials 
(2021 Data  Breach Investigations Report, DBIR)

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Market Trends Report from GovLoop and IronNet

Cyber attackers are becoming more aggressive and powerful, often because they either are collaborating to cause the most damage or running indiscriminately over companies in the direct path of their intended target. That’s why government agencies need to defend collaboratively as a stronger force. It’s no longer good enough to rely on traditional cybersecurity approaches or try to defend agencies alone.

Defend against sophisticated threats with Collective Defense

Federal and state agencies face ever-evolving cyber threats that result in data breaches, compromised networks, and other consequences that put the safety of citizens in jeopardy. IronNet’s Collective Defense powered with NDR enables your organization or agency to stay ahead of evolving threats to better defend your network through real-time sharing and collaboration with the private sector. With our solutions, you gain better visibility into your threat landscape, reduce the impact of an attack, and improve the effectiveness of your current security investments. What’s more, you’ll leverage IronNet’s unparalleled government experience including the NSA, US Cyber Command, and DARPA.
IronNet-Defense-Greater Visibility
Greater visibility of unknown threats to protect data and critical infrastructure
IronNet-Defense-Augment Staff
The ability to augment limited cyber staff through automated hunting and collaborative analysis
IronNet-Defense-Bi Directional Integrations
Bi-directional integrations ino SIEM and SOAR tools to improve effectiveness of cyber investments
IronNet-Defense-Real Time Access
Real-time access to public and private-sector peer analysis of threats to create a proactive defense
IronNet-Defense-See and Classify Unknown
Advanced ways to detect “unknown unknowns” automating the reduction of noise and “alert fatigue”
IronNet-Defense-Machine Learning
Machine learning detection analytics that free up staff to focus on event prioritization and rapid response
IronNet-Defense-Cyber Defense analysis

IronNet analysis of the U.S. Cyberspace Solarium Commission's Report

How can public and private organizations work together to establish a collective defense capability? Hear some ideas about how the U.S. can innovate to better defend itself in cyberspace.

Only as strong as your weakest link

Public sector agencies that map out their entire supply chains are more prepared for responding to a cyber threat landscape that changes daily. Yet agencies are in an unusual predicament when it comes to supply chain security. The federal government relies on contracting with small businesses and large corporations, and each has its own cybersecurity vulnerabilities and risks. The U.S. Government Accountability Office has identified the following government supply chain risks:

  • Installation of malicious hardware or software
  • Installation of counterfeit hardware or software
  • Failure or disruption in the production or distribution of critical products
  • Reliance on malicious or unqualified service providers 
  • installation of hardware or software containing unintentional vulnerabilities, such as defective code.
IronNet-Government-Weakest Link
IronNet-Ransomware Attack-Catching Ransomware Thumbnail
White paper

Ransomware attacks are always enabled by network connectivity to some degree: delivery, lateral movement/ spreading, command-and-control (C2), etc. Early detection of the initial network intrusion, therefore, is crucial, before the adversary has the chance to advance the ransomware campaign.

In other words, ransomware is the very last step an attacker takes after fully compromising a network to monetize their efforts.

Discover how to catch ransomware campaigns early with NDR.

The government
supply chain imperative

In its “Meeting the Requirements of the Supply Chain Imperative," white paper, the government IT solutions provider Carahsoft reported that across the federal IT supply chain last year, for example, CISA identified nine threat groups, including counterfeit parts and insider threats.
As IT supply chains grow more complicated, they also become more vulnerable. Much like a physical chain has physical links, IT supply chains contain interrelated parts that can become prey for bad actors.

Additional resources for securing
the public sector

Defending threats at scale

Hear from IronNet’s General (Ret.) Keith Alexander and Sandy Carter (IronNet/AWS/Carahsoft) on ways to protect government and corporate supply chains against key cyber threats at scale
IronNet-Annual Threat Report 2021
A year in review

Get IronNet’s 2021 Annual Threat Report

Look back at the most impactful event and trends in cybersecurity during 2021 inside IronNet’s Annual Threat Report.

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