Overwatch services

Extend your SOC with 24/7/365 network detection and response (NDR) services built on Collective Defense.

What we do

Our cybersecurity operators hold decades of SOC experience working with clients across industries and sectors. We add to the power of IronDefense by leveraging best practices to deliver advanced NDR capabilities that meet compliance standards. Our services are scalable, measurable, and cost-effective, and they provide complete real-time visibility into your network. With our Overwatch team in your corner, you’ll noticeably reduce the time it takes to detect and respond to threats.
Hunt collaboration
 IronNet’s Hunt Team comprises highly technical security analysts with real-world operational experience in defending highly secure networks. Our analysts leverage our IronDefense platform to work side-by-side your security operations personnel to detect and mitigate threats identified in your network.
Our Overwatch team continually monitors and researches events and anomalies found in customer networks. The IronNet Customer Portal is used to notify customers of IronDefense findings of interest related to a customer’s network. Notification is distributed to members determined by the customer and includes full event analysis and mitigation recommendation.
Rule deployment
IronNet's Threat Intelligence analysts support customer operations by providing context to manual hunt operations and alert triage. Our team produces tailored threat information to customer instances of IronDefense through Threat Intelligence Rule updates based on current suspicious and malicious Indicators of Compromise (IoC), IronDome insights, emerging threat research, and results of research by our company’s malware reverse engineers.
Reachback support
Our Overwatch team offers industry-leading remote event collaboration, incident response, cybersecurity expertise, and platform support for IronDefense related security operations.
Periodic insight reports are provided to customers on threat trends correlated to the customer’s network and sector. These reports provide summarized and actionable IoCs associated with high risk network behaviors mapped to the Cyber Kill Chain to identify the stage and progression of the threat. These reports also include a detailed list of resulting Threat Intelligence Rules deployed to customer instances of IronDefense.
Custom hunt tracking
Introductory and advanced training for end-users on analytics, alerts, entity enrichment, hunting, and network defense techniques are available. Periodic on-site side-by-side hunt operations, threat identification techniques, and review of newly implemented product features are also available.

Collective Defense powered with network detection and response

Overwatch leverages the industry’s most advanced network detection and response (NDR) platform to give you unrivaled threat visibility. Here’s how we help your team make faster, smarter decisions:

Superior network behavioral analysis:

AI-driven traffic analysis models, made smarter and more accurate through continually informed cross-industry data streams.

Enhanced scalability:

Built-in growth capability that can scale upward or outward, performing better as your business grows and adapts.

Unparalleled expertise:

Access to the highest level of service and cyber expertise in the industry.

Collective threat intelligence:

The first automated solution that enables real-time knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Secure cloud & hybrid environments:

Configurable deployments that meet your requirements for secure cloud, on-prem or hybrid.

Behind the scenes,
defending your network

Your defense is only as effective as the people behind it. At IronNet, we understand the importance of human insight. Our world-class cyber experts leverage decades of expertise to assess your unique cyber challenges and take action accordingly so you can remained focused on your mission.

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