See the truth in
the network traffic.

Gain the visibility you need for comprehensive cloud security and approach digital transformation with confidence, with the cloud as a business enabler instead of the great unknown.

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Cloud-native detection
and Collective Defense for the cloud

IronNet’s behavioral analytics-based network detection and response (NDR) solution, IronDefense, and our Collective Defense approach to cybersecurity give companies a unique level of visibility that can empower organizations to move to the cloud with more confidence. Eliminate the network blind spots that have deterred many organizations from taking the leap to the cloud.

The ability to apply behavioral analysis to cloud-based traffic

Behavioral analysis builds on foundational Cloud Service Provider (CSP) security capabilities to improve your ability to detect stealthy or unknown threats — wherever your computing environment lives. This visibility of raw network traffic enhances cloud security and controls.

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Enhanced visibility to threats targeting your cloud deployments

IronNet’s Collective Defense solution IronDome presents a dynamic, comprehensive picture of the threat environment based on real-time, anonymized alert correlation across member environments. This creates a unique early warning system about potential attacks.

Improved detection and faster response from crowdsourced peer insights

A Collective Defense ​approach allows community members to share investigation notes, threat context, prevalence, and expert commentary about how to triage and respond. By collaborating on this data with peers in real time, Collective Defense communities are better able to pool and optimize resources so they can achieve “defensive economies of scale” with cloud security.

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Better visibility to secure hybrid networking environments

The behavioral analytics of IronDefense network detection and response give you better visibility for monitoring on-prem, cloud, or multi-cloud environments for network anomalies from a single pane of glass.

“With 85% of our processing in the cloud, IronNet’s cloud capability is particularly important and will keep strengthening us as we go.”

- Chief Technology Officer
of a sovereign wealth fund with a $300B portfolio

Our cloud partners

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IronNet and AWS

IronNet can leverage AWS VPC Traffic Mirroring and CloudTrail logs with no sensor required or add behavioral analysis to existing logs you already have in AWS. IronNet leverages our cloud sensor that works with AWS Traffic Mirroring to provide IronNet customers with behavioral analytics for security and protection of AWS cloud deployments, advanced cyber threat hunting in AWS environments, and simplified operations.

Read more about traffic mirroring.

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IronNet and Microsoft Azure

Superior behavioral detection for Microsoft Azure: IronDefense scales from small companies to Fortune 100 companies to deliver unmatched behavioral detection across Azure, on-premise, or multi-cloud environments.

Services for cloud security

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Red teaming

The IronNet Red Team brings real-world experience in nation-state-level cyber operations to your assessments. After their operation is complete, they show your defenders exactly how they got in and work with them to develop best practices to keep outside threats from attempting the same methods.

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Threat hunting

IronNet threat hunters have extensive experience tracking down the most elusive attackers on our customers' networks and cloud environments. And more, they will reinforce your security team through education and acceleration of their hunt tactics, as they find and guide the eradication of live threat actors.

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Security advisory services

IronNet's team has done it all, from optimizing runbooks in a SOC to writing national-level cybersecurity strategy. Now this strength and vast expertise is at your disposal, extending your team like a force multiplier.

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Cloud (in)security:

Your guide to stronger
cloud security with NDR

This guide offers insights on boosting cloud security so you can embrace all the business-centric promises of the cloud: scalability, agility, efficiency, improved user experiences, and reduced cost. You will learn the following:

  • Common cloud security vulnerabilities and challenges
  • How to achieve greater visibility in the cloud
  • What threat-sharing means for stronger cloud security
  • How to achieve defensive economies of scale through Collective Defense

Additional cloud security resources:

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Cloud (in)security

Cloud migration can result in misconfigurations that introduce security vulnerabilities. Learn about how a new, streamlined approach can help you efficiently tackle these and other infrastructure security challenges.

IronNet-Cloud Security-Enterprise Security Program

Beyond risk assessment:
Make a plan to resolve complex security threats

The Enterprise Security Program Review strengthens your security posture against current and immediate threats.

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