IronNet Professional
Cybersecurity Services

Because cybersecurity is business strategy…

IronNet Professional Services can help you assess and strengthen your cybersecurity posture
by leveraging our expertise defending the most secure commercial and government networks in the world.
As your trusted partner, we are passionate about orchestrating, empowering, and improving your cybersecurity program.
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Cybersecurity Services
from Governance
to Incident Response

Our Governance and Maturity Services help you benchmark your existing cybersecurity program and develop a strategy to improve on key areas of concern. Our Cybersecurity Readiness Services test your program implementation to identify gaps in your coverage across toolsets, personnel, and processes, in turn delivering actionable findings to improve in those areas. And if a breach occurs and crisis ensues, our Incident Response Services offer a full suite of capabilities to assess, contain, and respond to the breach and manage the entire Incident Response (IR) process.

IronNet DNA

IronNet Professional Services comprises senior cybersecurity specialists from both the public and private sectors, standing out as leaders, architects, and operators.
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Our Professional Services clients leverage the expertise of former elite cyber offensive and defensive operators from the US Government (Department of Defense, National Security Agency, federal agencies, USCYBERCOM), and commercial private expertise running security operations in Fortune 200 companies.
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IronNet’s ability to bring together this significant public and private sector experience ensures that our clients can mature and operate highly secure enterprise networks to stay ahead of cyber threats in a fast-changing threat environment.

Which services do we offer?

Leveraging IronNet’s DNA and our specialized partners, we identify and solve both
specific and comprehensive security problems with the following services:
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Governance and
Maturity Services

These services measure adherence to specific regulatory or contractual requirements and provide measurable data as to the maturity of the organization’s cybersecurity capabilities.
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Incident Response

IronNet provides exceptional incident response and digital forensic investigative services powered by an accomplished team with deep expertise. IronNet specializes in providing incident response and digital forensic investigative services to companies of all sizes, ranging from large U.S. Fortune 50 companies to smaller organizations
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Readiness Services

Given that threat actors continuously change their TTPs, these services are designed to ensure organizations are prepared for today's latest and most immediate threats.
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Enterprise Security
Program Review

This four-phased service in partnership with DirectDefense, Unlimited Technology, and Exero is designed to strengthen your security posture against current and immediate threats.

Let's get started.

Despite higher levels of investment in advanced cybersecurity technologies over the past three years, less than one-fifth of organizations are effectively stopping cyberattacks and finding and fixing breaches fast enough to lower the impact. 

– Accenture State of Cyber Resilience Report 2020
At IronNet, we believe that assessing your cybersecurity maturity, defense capabilities, and response readiness is crucial for improving the effectiveness of your cybersecurity investments.

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