Beyond risk assessment:
Make a plan to resolve complex security threats

The Enterprise Security Program Review strengthens your security posture against current and immediate threats.

IronNet has partnered with DirectDefense, Unlimited Technology, and Exero to bring you a four-phased approach to a stronger enterprise security program:

  • Assess the current state of your organization’s security
  • Develop a risk-based plan
  • Implement the plan with highly-specific guidance
  • Employ a third-party for plan review to ensure compliance and consistency in your security solutions

Business-centric cyber defense

The Enterprise Security Program Review takes the current and desired future state of your network infrastructure and measures it against the National Industry Standards and Technology (NIST) cybersecurity controls (800-53, 800-171). From there, you can analyze your specific risk of threat exposure and determine where to prioritize and  implement security controls that make the best business and fiscal sense. 

“The Enterprise Security Program Review is a groundbreaking offering that will help  organizations define and greatly enhance their cybersecurity posture across a number of important dimensions.” 

— General (Ret.) Keith Alexander
IronNet founder, co-CEO and former director of the NSA
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