Your Guide to Network Detection and Response

When it comes to cyber defense, perimeter security and endpoint tools alone are not enough. Behavioral-based network analysis is an essential component for protecting your enterprise from unknown threats. Discover how Network Detection and Response strengthens your security posture.

In this eBook You Will Learn:

  • How network detection and response elevates your threat detection strategy
  • How artificial intelligence and enhanced behavioral analytics identify the most challenging threats in your network
  • Four questions to ask when evaluating NDR vendors to ensure you're making the right choice
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Enterprises should strongly consider NDR solutions to complement signature-based tools and network sandboxes. Many Gartner clients have reported that NDR tools have detected suspicious network traffic that other perimeter security tools had missed.

Gartner Market Guide for Network Detection & Response, June 2020

Behavior-based NDR has shown a 95% detection
rate of unknown threats
vs. the 17% detection rate of
previously used security tools