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Community Attack Intelligence Buyer's Checklist

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Security is a top priority for any enterprise, regardless of size, location, sector, or reputation. The threat of a cybersecurity attack is constant, always evolving, and often indiscriminate, with the scope of the challenge being felt more keenly by enterprises than ever before.

Weak security — whether internal or in our supply chains, partners, and customers — has the potential to impact us all, posing a significant challenge to organizations of every type.

Among the key challenges:

  • Lack of skilled security professionals
  • Fatigue from too many irrelevant alerts
  • Lack of timely information to identify and address threats
  • Lack of knowledge making it difficult to focus security efforts
  • Identifying unknown threats and events

Overcoming these issues is critical, yet IT organizations must do so while faced with stretched budgets, increasing complexity, and limited resources. The impact of a cybersecurity breach on any organization has the potential to be catastrophic, and while solving them is difficult, the alternative of not addressing them is simply not an option.

The concept of community-powered cyber defense offers a path forward. This approach to cybersecurity seeks to develop new ways to enhance detection and response capabilities, utilizing analytics and machine learning alongside human security expertise to cut through the noise generated by current enterprise security tools.

In this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • Common cybersecurity challenges and how to overcome them
  • An overview of community cyber defense
  • Assessment criteria for selecting an appropriate cybersecurity platform

Download the ebook Community attack intelligence buyer's checklist to learn about community cyber defense and what to look for in a cybersecurity platform.