How Collective Defense can create a more robust threat intelligence program

There’s a sea of threat intelligence available for cybersecurity analysts —yet the struggle is real to ensure it’s being maximized and is operational enough to add tangible value. As security professionals pivot from one attack to the next, they’re also under the gun to prove their threat intel investments are paying off. In this IronNet webinar, we will be joined by guest speaker Forrester senior security and risk analyst Brian Kime, to discuss:

Moving from single-stream to a collective approach to threat intelligence
What capabilities to look for in a threat intelligence vendor
How can threat intelligence be truly integrated and operationalized?
What is the role of security analysts in improving the quality of threat intelligence?
What can organizations do to refine and optimize threat intel to prioritize investigations?

  • George Lamont, IronNet CIO/CISO
  • Dean Teffer, IronNet VP of Detection and Prioritization
  • Oliver Wai, IronNet VP Product Marketing
  • Featured Guest: Brian Kime, Forrester Senior Analyst