Why cybersecurity isn’t a post-pandemic luxury

Cyber attacks and data breaches aren’t pausing while business returns to normal. And while revenues might be down, the impact of attacks is not: the average cost of a data breach for a U.S. company is $3.86 million according to the 2020 IBM Cost of a Data Breach study — not including the longer-term impact on brand reputation, which many may never recover from in these fickle economic times. So how can companies justify keeping their eye on the cyber ball, when even the most basic business health indicators are declining for many? Hear from seasoned venture capitalist Ted Schlein and IronNet co-CEO Bill Welch, who led the launches of both Zscaler and Duo, as they share frontline stories about the real value of cyber as part of a maintenance and growth strategy.


  • Ted Schlein, Partner at Kleiner Perkins
  • Bill Welch, IronNet Co-CEO
  • Russ Cobb, IronNet CMO