Webinar: On The Road To Collective Defense With Attack Intelligence At Your Service!

May 25, 2022 
1:00 PM ET

"It’s like Waze for cybersecurity!” Attack intelligence comes from having visibility over the entire attack surface that is most relevant to your enterprise (with situational context) – well beyond what’s in your own lane. Being able to see real-time cyberattacks occurring at similar companies – within a sector, state, supply chain, or government – fuels timely, relevant, and actionable Attack Intelligence.

In much the same way that Waze has transformed navigation, Attack Intelligence empowers everyone on the cyber highway to make informed, split-second decisions to avoid network threats that may be unforeseen by you — but seen and commented on (anonymously) by others. Discover how correlated threat detections and crowdsourced SOC analyst insights raise the security level of all participants in a Collective Defense community.


Paul Carman

IronNet Solutions Engineer

Michael Ehrlich

Ph.D., Cybersecurity Advisor

Michael Donohue

IronNet CMO