Webinar: Ghosts in the network: A strategy of counter-insurgency in fighting cyber actors


The uncertainty sparked by a pandemic has captured the attention and imaginations of threat actors. The crisis has caused sophisticated new threat actors to emerge from their slumber: whether they be hacktivists spreading fake news about 5G phone masts, or financially or politically motivated attackers unleashing sophisticated ransomware attacks on businesses and high profile targets when they are at their most vulnerable.  This webinar will discuss how businesses, industries and countries can use collective defense to mount their own counter-insurgency fight back. 


Topics to discuss:

  • How are enterprises reacting and responding to the latest trends in cyberattacks?
  • Has the pandemic and the rise of conspiracies influenced our cybersecurity strategy?
  • How has Covid-19 influenced and changed the traditional kill-chain?
  • How to harness a strategy of collective defence to counter even the most sophisticated cyber adversary.   


  • Lt. General Sir Graeme Lamb, Strategic Partner, C5 Capital
  • GEN (Ret.) Keith Alexander, Founder & Co-CEO, IronNet
  • Russ Cobb, CMO, IronNet