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Collective Defense: Take back the power from cyber attackers

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I think collective defense is the transformative moment for us if we mean to do something about this [problem in cyber] … If you are a transgressor in this space, you have to beat all of us to beat one of us.

— Chris Inglis, National Cyber Director, November 2021, America's future series panel discussion on "ensuring america's security and prosperity"

Defend together in real time

As the sophistication, frequency, and speed of cyber attacks increase, better detections that use behavioral analytics to spot novel threats and the ability to immediately share this information in an anonymized, standardized, and automated way provide a greater level of cybersecurity for all who have adopted a Collective Defense approach.


In this white paper, you will learn now to solve common security challenges in order to: 

  1. Detect unknown threats
  2. Increase real-time threat visibility
  3. Prioritize alerts with actionable attack intelligence
  4. Shorten mean time to response
  5. Secure your supply chain
  6. Scale up defense capabilities
  7. Be able to answer to your Board 

Imagine how much better our defenses would be if we defended as one unit instead of many individuals. A dozen analysts collaborating on a joint set of threats can be much more productive than a single analyst at a dozen companies working in isolation. That is the true power of Collective Defense.

former Commander U.S. Cyber Command and current Co-CEO and Founder of IronNet Cybersecurity



An in-depth look at collective defense

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Optimize scarce cyber resources against risks to your organization
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