Webinar: The next four years...in cyber

 Oct 27 2020 | 59 mins

With the U.S. election only one week away, the security posture of the nation’s future is on the minds of these two top-ranked former military leaders. Join General (Ret) Keith Alexander, General (Ret) Jack Keane, and IronNet CMO Russ Cobb as they analyze what the next four years could look like with regards to cybersecurity threats from nation states like China, Russia, and Iran. Tap into their combined experience and intelligence access as we tackle questions such as:

Is Russia holding true to their claim not to interfere in the U.S. election? Are they likely to interfere?

How might cybersecurity policy and strategy look in the next four years?

Should the U.S. adopt an all-of-nation approach to cybersecurity, similar to China and Russia, to even the playing field? What would that look like?

Which adversaries pose risk and where are the most likely confrontations to occur in the next four years ?


GEN (Ret) Jack Keane, Chairman, Institute for the Study of War, Former Vice Chief of Staff, US Army

GEN (Ret) Keith Alexander, IronNet Founder & Co-CEO

Russ Cobb, IronNet CMO