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Webinar: New security strategies for healthcare

It could be said that 2020 was the year of Ransomware attacks – in cyber security terms. Healthcare organisations in particular, had a tougher cyber defence challenge to contend with. Whilst making waves in the news, Ransomware has proven to be one of the most persistent and destructive cyber threats, causing business disruption, financial and legal strain to healthcare providers and their supply chain worldwide. Blending attacks with extortion techniques, ransomware attacks are also becoming data breaches.


With ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) on the rise and the high yields that Ransomware attacks generate for criminals, what actions can we take to mitigate risks and minimise damage? Join us to discuss the protection of healthcare providers with testimonial from those on the frontlines of the pandemic.

Cyber security experts Paddy McGuiness, Former UK Deputy National Security Adviser for Intelligence, Security and Resilience, John Ford, IronNet Cybersecurity Strategist and Joel Bork, IronNet Senior Threat Hunter will discuss:

  • The recent surge in cyberattacks on UK healthcare systems, providers, and laboratories

  • Key attack trends we have noted in 2020 to healthcare providers

  • How threat actors are adjusting their attack models from ransomware to extortion

  • How we can collaborate to protect the healthcare sector from nation state actors and secure the Covid-19 vaccine supply chain

  • Peer testimonial from those on the frontlines of the pandemic

  • Transatlantic sharing of behavioural-based attack intelligence as a force-multiplier