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Why adding IronNet is beneficial to your security stack

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“We don’t know what we don’t know” — words to live by for those in the cybersecurity field. As the threat landscape has evolved, so too have the tools to address it. Traditional endpoint and perimeter defenses are now onto their “next gen” iterations. But is that enough? Enter network detection and response (NDR) with IronNet’s own special blend of Collective Defense for cybersecurity.

There are many platforms available for security professionals today. Most focus on perimeter security — everyone has a firewall. A good analogy is a security guard at the front door of an office building — they may know who works in the building, but they may not know which people work at each of the offices in the building, where they came from, and what they do once they get to work. That’s where a firewall breaks down.

With NDR tools, you’ll get full visibility into what’s going on under the hood once a threat becomes active on the network, as well as the background as to how it got there. Learn what sets IronNet solutions apart from the rest, and how they can benefit your cybersecurity posture.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn:

  • How network detection and response (NDR) tools work
  • How IronNet takes your cybersecurity capabilities beyond firewalls and endpoint detection
  • The benefits of the IronNet Collective Defense platform

Download the guide Why adding IronNet is beneficial to your security stack to learn how to go beyond the cybersecurity basics and level up your strategy.