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Webinar: On The Road To Collective Defense With Attack Intelligence At Your Service!

"It’s like Waze for cybersecurity!” Attack intelligence comes from having visibility over the entire attack surface that is most relevant to your enterprise (with situational context) – well beyond what’s in your own lane. Being able to see real-time cyberattacks occurring at similar companies – within a sector, state, supply chain, or government – fuels timely, relevant, and actionable Attack Intelligence.

In much the same way that Waze has transformed navigation, Attack Intelligence empowers everyone on the cyber highway to make informed, split-second decisions to avoid network threats that may be unforeseen by you — but seen and commented on (anonymously) by others. Discover how correlated threat detections and crowdsourced SOC analyst insights raise the security level of all participants in a Collective Defense community.



Paul Carman

IronNet Solutions Engineer

Michael Ehrlich

Ph.D., Cybersecurity Advisor

Michael Donohue

IronNet CMO