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A Reality Check for Cybersecurity Decision Makers

To better understand the current challenges and strategies among senior cybersecurity executives, IronNet commissioned the independent research firm Vanson Bourne to interview 200 US security IT decision-makers.


In this White Paper You Will Learn:

  • The pulse on today’s security solutions
  • Top industry concerns and perceived vulnerabilities
  • Why collective defense and threat sharing is essential to combating today’s cyber threats

Among the Study’s Key Findings:



of respondents state that their organization has invested in Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning in the past 12 months.


of respondents are most likely to rate their organization’s cybersecurity technology, systems, and tools as advanced.


of respondents say that they would increase their level of threat sharing with government if it enabled the government to use political, economic, cyber, or other national-level capabilities to deter cyber attacks.


of respondents say that their organization would be willing to increase the level of threat sharing with their industry peers if it demonstrably improved their ability to detect threats.

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