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You’re the new CISO—what now?

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The average CISO only holds their position for about 26 months. As the new CISO, what can you do to get things off to a strong start and set the stage for a rewarding tenure? How will the previous CISO's departure impact how you do your job? And what should you do in your first 100 days? Fully embracing your new position involves the ability to navigate what can be a complicated landscape.

If the previous CISO left due to a cybersecurity event

If you're now in your position because the existing CISO had been fired due to a cybersecurity failure, the situation may not be as bad as it seems. Chances are you’re walking into a situation characterized by one of the following:

  • There’s limited funding for cybersecurity
  • There may be significant compliance issues to wrangle with
  • The IT staff may be overworked

The good news is each of these issues presents an opportunity that can play to your advantage. Each adds clarity to your role, and job #1 is likely to reinforce the organization’s defenses against the kind of attack that sent the previous CISO packing.

In this white paper, You’re the new CISO—what now, you will learn:

  • How the departure of the previous CISO can impact your job
  • Common challenges you may face as the new CISO and how to work your way through them
  • How to structure your first 100 days to maximize your impact