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Spend now, save later: Making the budget case for improving NDR

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Making the budget case for improved network detection and response (NDR) isn't always straightforward, but it's worth the effort to help C-suites recognize the business benefits of spending now to make sure they save money, time, and enterprise reputation.

Building a budget case for NDR

NDR solutions offer significant benefits for IT teams. From context-rich threat detection to machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled behavior monitoring, advanced NDR tools make it possible for IT teams to even the cybersecurity playing field and get ahead of potential threats.

C-suite executives, meanwhile, may hesitate to green-light new spending without context around how these tools can help drive cost savings, both immediately and over time.

As a result, it's critical for IT professionals to make a budget case that resonates with C-suite priorities. For example, the context-rich nature of NDR results can help pinpoint threats before they gain network footholds, in turn reducing total spend on detection and remediation. Alert prioritization and false-positive detection, on the other hand, mean less time—and money—wasted on unproductive protective tasks.

In this guide, Spend now, save later: Making the budget case for improved NDR, we'll explore:

  • How NDR works and why the market is growing
  • Why NDR is now a critical aspect of effective cybersecurity
  • What steps IT teams can take to build an effective budget case for NDR investment

Discover how to build a budget case that brings C-suites on board with NDR spending in our newest guide. Get it here.