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Defending against cyber attackers today requires more than the ability to identify ports, protocols, and performance bottlenecks. Effective cyber defense requires visibility on upcoming threats to determine how they can affect your unique organization and how quickly you can defend against them. Most importantly, you need a technology partner standing behind you. IronNet’s platform tightly integrates with your existing tools to empower your team and maximize current cybersecurity investments. Unique, proven detection capabilities that no other legacy NPMD vendor can match.

IronNet delivers a broader range of behavioral detection capabilities than legacy Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostic (NPMD) vendors such as Cisco and ExtraHop. While many of these tools deliver high performance ingest of network-based flows, how these flows are used for security use cases is what separates a superior Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution from an NPMD product that addresses only a handful of use cases. 

Unparalleled scalability across hybrid cloud environments:
  • IronDefense scales from small companies to Fortune 100 companies to deliver unmatched behavioral detection across cloud, on-premise, or multi-cloud environments.

Real-time threat visibility, sharing, and collaboration across companies, sectors, and nations:

  • IronDefense works with our Collective Defense platform to deliver the industry’s only real-time threat visibility, sharing, and collaboration solution that helps security operations teams defend against targeted and unknown threats.

Unparalleled expertise and superior service:

  • IronNet delivers a superior experience for clients that helps their security teams plan, implement, integrate, and operate IronDefense. 

Enterprises work with several partners, suppliers, cross-industry specialists, and others to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their businesses. Why should cyber defense be any different? 

Your Success is Our Success

IronNet empowers you to work across your supply chain, industry, region, or group of choice to create a network of Collective Defense against cyber threats. No other legacy NPMD or NDR vendor can deliver this type of visibility, intelligence sharing, and collaboration. Best of all, we deliver these capabilities in real time with potentially sensitive data anonymized for your privacy. 

At IronNet, we believe in building trusted partnerships. From day one, our elite subject matter experts (SME) are with you every step of the way to help you succeed. Our highly-trained staff of NSA, DoD, and commercial cyber alumni will work closely with your team to increase your organization’s ability to detect advanced threats, while increasing the effectiveness and efficacy of your current security investments.

Our Ecosystem

Complex threats require a united front. The IronNet partner ecosystem consists of leading organizations that have been carefully selected to help us deliver the power of Collective Defense to companies, sectors, and nations. 

As threats evolve, the need for manages security service providers (MSSP) increases, they have the critical responsibility of protecting customers’ infrastructure and data. We provide our MSSP partners with an innovative platform that delivers unmatched value and effectiveness to customers while giving them the technology to expand client relationships. 

In addition, our technology partners play a critical role in ensuring that our customers have full threat visibility across their enterprise, as well as a quick way to respond to network intrusions. By working together, we enable our customers to improve their advanced threat detection capabilities, operationalize Collective Defense, and ensure their security teams can be agile and effective in responding to the changing cyber landscape.

Become a partner

Want to join the IronNet collective? We actively look for like-minded partners that are passionate about leveraging innovation to stop the world’s most sophisticated cyber threats. Contact our partnership team to learn more. 

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