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Webinar: How to lead your SOC into the future of cyber threat hunting

What does it take to be a world-class threat hunter? Here’s a hint: It takes more than just technical skills. As cyber attacks are making the world news on a daily basis, the pressure to perform — and protect — is only getting more intense. Learn about the tools, techniques, and collaboration skills that can help you up your game to be a more effective analyst — and provide exponential value to your company. Get technical tips from IronNet threat hunter and podcaster Joel Bork and lessons on leadership from Anthony Grenga, IronNet’s longtime ops director, now VP of Cyber Operations at IronNet.

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In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How cyber attacks are evolving, and how investigations need to evolve with them 
  • The secret weapon that behavioral analytics can bring to the fight
  • How collaboration and communication  make for more effective threat hunting


  • Joel Bork, Threat Hunter at IronNet 

  • Anthony Grenga, VP of Cyber Operations at IronNet