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Webinar: Healthcare cybersecurity: Why you can't spend your way out of this dilemma

Despite many cybersecurity professionals claiming confidence in their enterprise cyber defense technologies and systems—and continuing to invest in additional solutions—malicious attacks are still getting through. These attacks are avoiding detection, slipping past defenses and compromising network security, well before anyone realizes it has happened. Nation-state actors are joining together to dedicate economic and human resources to cyberattacks at a scale and speed that demand an equally coordinated defense. And they are not alone. Organized cybercriminal attack groups have risen almost 25 percent year over year and, armed with nation-state level capabilities, are targeting the healthcare sector with the ability to monetize their attacks across healthcare’s vast ecosystem and supply chain.


Add in catastrophic events such as COVID-19, and the sector in general simply cannot devote the time, talent, and resources to get ahead of the threat landscape. Combined, this has created an inflection point in how we as companies, sectors, and governments think about the models that better protect our citizens, assets, and industries. Defense in isolation is no longer an option, and the pivot is to a Collective Defense capability that can respond in real time and provide situational awareness across the sector without additional cybersecurity resources.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How collaborating on defense can shift an organization's threat detection strategy towards a more proactive posture and bolster its position against cyber criminals and state-actors

  • How security executives can get the C-suite and board in support of a collective defense approach. 

Presented by:

  • John Ford, IronNet Cyber Strategist

  • Joel Bork, IronNet Threat Hunter