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Webinar: From the top down: Why every board of directors needs to address cybersecurity

Get the latest insights on the global cyber threat landscape from IronNet founder and co-CEO GEN (Ret.) Keith Alexander, this time joined by Vice Admiral (Ret.) Jan Tighe. As political tensions continue to escalate between the U.S. and adversarial nation states, protecting critical infrastructure rises to the top of urgent issues. How can senior leaders of critical infrastructure companies incorporate a greater focus on cybersecurity and further drive sharing within sectors and with the public sector? Learn how collaborating on the real-time cyber threats hitting our networks — and automating that sharing at network speed — can accelerate defensive responses and strengthen the nation’s security as a whole.



  • General (Ret.) Keith Alexander, Founder and Co-CEO, IronNet

  • Jan Tighe, Retired Vice Admiral, Former Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Warfare and Director, Naval Intelligence, US Navy

  • Russ Cobb, CMO, IronNet