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Webinar: Do you see what we see? Two Sides to every coin: Microsoft, South Korea, Russia

IronNet threat analysis leaders provide their insights on the latest widespread cyber threats and attacks hitting a range of sectors. Join this monthly "look-back" webinar to ensure you have the right threat rules in place to remediate any impact on your organization and learn how to anticipate where these attack campaigns are heading. Respond. Recover. Reap the benefits of our experts' threat intelligence.


Joey Fitzpatrick, IronNet Threat Intel Analyst 

Joel Bork, IronNet Senior Threat Hunter


The key to all of this is bringing all that information together and being able to react at network speed to protect and/or isolate threats in order to recover from them and stay resilient. That's the beauty of the solution we're currently developing here in New York with IronNet.

Former CEO of New York Power Authority