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Beyond the cost center: Making the business case for cybersecurity

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It's not always easy for cybersecurity teams to connect with C-suite executives and effectively communicate potential cyber risks—but it's critical for long-term business success.

Speaking the same language

C-suite members and cybersecurity leaders don't always speak the same language. In fact, it often seems as if they're operating at cross purposes: where cybersecurity teams look at solution spending as a way to proactively keep data and companies safe, executives often see these initiatives as costs that lack cause. After all, if companies haven't yet suffered a major breach, why spend the money?

Some key elements of communication that often trip up infosec experts when making their case to C-suites include teams often seen as the "department of no" when it comes to rolling out new applications or services that could streamline staff workflows. It's also common for cybersecurity experts to approach executives with hard data about what's happening (or could happen) rather than digging into why it matters for line-of-business operations. Teams also have a tendency to use technical language rather than business-focused communication to get their point across, in turn reducing the impact of their message.

By recognizing—and avoiding—these common pitfalls, teams can see better success with budget requests.

In this eBook, you'll discover:

  • Why executive buy-in matters for cybersecurity initiatives
  • How to bridge the language gap between C-suites and cybersecurity professionals
  • What common mistakes can impede C-suite communication—and what you can do instead

Learn more about the art of effective cybersecurity communication in our newest eBook, Beyond the cost center: Making the business case for cybersecurity. Get it here.