Dynamic detection
for dynamic threats

How network defense lessens cyber risk

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Cyber risk is business risk.

As our world has become increasingly reliant on digital transformation, the risks of cyber threats have broadened. Cybersecurity must be integral to this transformation.

See threats earlier with Network Detection and Response (NDR).

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Detection “left of boom”

In military vernacular, the phrase “left of boom” refers to disrupting insurgent activity before the adversaries can build or plant bombs. The same holds true for cyber activity: You must stop the adversaries before they reach the exfiltration or exploitation phases.

Greater visibility
with network defense

We believe it’s time to envision the static Gartner SOC Visibility Triad as a powerfully adaptive system, where each of the inextricable points on the triangle can work together — to make each other stronger. As part of this dynamic detection framework, NDR is now a “must-have” tool instead of a “nice-to-have” one, as it can catch network threats that EDR tools and firewalls can’t see.

How can you generate a dynamic relationship among the SIEM, EDR, and NDR tools? Collective Defense, which draws on behavioral analytics and orchestrates threat information sharing in real time — and in situational context.

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Stages of detection: moving the needle

It is understandable that organizations looking to secure their enterprise have long-treated log-based detection as a SIEM-only function. NDR solutions that use advanced behavioral analytics, such as IronDefense, are challenging and changing that notion, by placing emphasis on Indicators of Behavior (IoBs), or markers of adversaries’ tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs).
Simply put, detecting only Indicators of Compromise is too late in the intrusion cycle to minimize the risk.
The earlier the detection — left of boom — the lesser the risk.
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Dynamic detection for dynamic threats

How network defense lessens cyber risk

Discover how to see threats earlier with network detection and response ... and gain greater visibility across the threat landscape.