Improve visibility.
Amplify detection.

IronNet and AWS improve your SOC team's efficiency and effectiveness with advanced network detection and response (NDR).


The key to all of this is bringing all that information together and being able to react at network speed to protect and/or isolate threats in order to recover from them and stay resilient. That's the beauty of the solution we're currently developing here in New York with IronNet.

- Gil Quiniones
Former CEO of New York Power Authority
IronNet-AWS-NY Power Authority

Protecting New York’s critical infrastructure

To build a unified defense strategy, NYPA enlisted IronNet to create the Cybersecurity Collective Defense Consortium (CCDC) to protect the New York state energy ecosystem. The CCDC runs on AWS.

End-to-end visibility
across hybrid and cloud environments

IronDefense leverages a broad range of cloud-deployed sensors from public/private cloud, virtual networks, and on-premise networks to help you secure your unique infrastructure, with the flexibility to accommodate your distributed teams.



The industry’s most advanced network detection and response (NDR) platform built to stop the most sophisticated cyber threats.


The first automated cyber defense solution that delivers threat knowledge and intelligence across industries at mission speed.

Experience the benefits of IronNet for AWS

Enhanced visibility and detection within AWS environments
IronDefense leverages Amazon logs and Amazon VPC traffic mirroring to extract network traffic data and send it to IronDefense for advanced behavioral detection for your AWS deployments.
Faster detection of threats targeting industry ecosystems
IronDome subscribers with IronDefense have the ability to anonymously share with industry peers, supply-chain partners, and others threat insights on identified anomalies in their AWS environments. This capability gives all participants across the ecosystem real-time situational awareness and advanced detection of threat campaigns.
Simplified security operation
Customers often have to install and manage third-party agents on the AWS instances to capture and replicate Amazon VPC traffic. With Amazon VPC traffic mirroring, customers can natively mirror their Amazon VPC traffic to IronDefense without using packet-forwarding agents.
FedRAMP Ready deployments
IronNet’s solutions are available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) GovCloud and listed in the FedRAMP marketplace.

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Comprehensive cloud security

IronNet’s network detection and response solution driven by behavioral analytics enables you to see the truth in the network traffic. With AWS and Azure integrations, for example, IronDefense can access cloud logs to detect and analyze threats and provide anonymous, correlated context that no single enterprise would have on its own.

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