Do more with fewer resources

Reinforce Oil & Gas operations
with Collective Defense

Scale up limited cyber investments with real-time detection
and knowledge sharing.

"Managing attacks isn’t just a matter of protecting
reputation, share price and operations, but it’s part of a
greater responsibility for national services and security."
  • $13.77 million

    average annual cost of a cyber attack per energy company

    Accenture and Ponemon Institute
    "The Ninth Annual Cost of
    Cybercrime Study" (2019).
  • 43% of significant O&G cyber breaches

    are from a lack of end user awareness, exploited via phishing

    Ernst & Young, “20th Global Information
    Security Survey” (2019).

For Oil & Gas, protecting operations, public safety, and intellectual property is paramount. Collective Defense uplevels security by closing gaps in cyber talent to maximize your existing security investments.







* "Cybersecurity Is Now the Top Focus of Upstream Oil and Gas Companies’ Digital Investments,"

Accenture. Feb. 13, 2020

How secure is your supply chain? Discover the weak spots and how to defend against indirect cyber attacks. Read More

“Reliable, timely and relevant information sharing is a very important aspect of comprehensive critical infrastructure protection. Much of the most valuable data comes from our members themselves, including IronNet, who shares detailed insight into threats, vulnerabilities and attacks on ONG industry organizations. IronNet is a respected resource for our members to identify and mitigate persistent cyber threats through a collective defense.”

Angela Haun, Executive Director of the Oil and Natural Gas Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ONG-ISAC)

With Collective Defense you gain

  • Greater visibility of
    unknown network threats
    for faster response
    and mitigation
  • The ability to pool and
    scale cyber resources
    to defend better with
    minimum investment
  • Real-time access to peer analysis of threats
    to reduce hacker dwell
    time in your IT network
  • Advanced tools to uncover sophisticated hackers
    using non-malware
    and other attacks
  • Improved network security
    for IT/OT convergence
    for peace of mind
    and agility
  • Integration with other
    security tools (SIEM, SOAR, endpoint tools)
    to cut down on alert fatigue
    and de-duplication of events

See threats
around the corner

With the IronDome Detection Correlation Dashboard, it is
possible to see multiple sectors within the broader threat
landscape. Bad actors do not stick to a single industry, so
there’s value in looking across sectors to mitigate early
threats to reduce their impact.


  • See more threats. Faster.

    We need a new, more advanced weapon to detect unknown threats: network behavior-based AI models that detect sophisticated adversaries and shorten response time.

  • Only as strong as your weakest link

    You may be confident about your company’s security safeguards. But what about your vendors, suppliers, and other third-parties? Learn more about the 5 most common supply chain cyber attacks … and how to stop them.

General (Ret.) Keith Alexander,

Co-CEO of IronNet and former Commander U.S. Cyber Command


A call to action for Collective Defense

Insights on bold, new ideas for securing cyberspace, including planning for the continuity of the economy and strengthening key entities with direct government support.

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