Is your organization living with a false sense of security?

Our 2021 Cyber Security Impact Report found nearly half of all respondents (46%) stated the number of cybersecurity incidents they experienced has increased over the past year.

Whether unleashing malware, rolling out ransomware campaigns, or committing data theft, adversaries are winning the cyber game. The key is to use network detection and response (NDR), powered by behavior analytics to accelerate your organization’s threat response.

Build a holistic cybersecurity strategy that combines NDR, EDR and SIEM to flip the script on criminals.

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In this NDR guide you’ll learn:

IronNet-Accelerated NDR-How to detect cyber threats

How to detect cyber threats at the network gate

IronNet-Accelerated NDR-Unveil adversaries

Ways to unveil adversaries hard-to-change tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP)

IronNet-Accelerated NDR-False positives

A practice way to result out false positives correlated with detections

IronNet-Accelerated NDR-360

How to achieve a 360 view of the threat landscape

IronNet-Accelerated NDR-Security ecosystems

What NDR adds to your security ecosystem

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