Webinar: Five Strategies for Securing your Supply Chain

 Sep 15 2020 | 55 mins

While the news of the latest zero day attack always dominates the headlines, a more insidious risk is building much closer to home: the vulnerabilities posed by unsecured supply chains.

How can security professionals get their arms around this problem that touches everything from hardware and software to legal contracts and operational processes?

Join IronNet cyber strategist and former CenturyLink CISO Bill Swearingen as he hosts guest Alla Valente, a Forrester Research analyst covering GRC and Third-Party Risk, to provide some practical advice on tackling this massive issue.

We'll cover these and other practical recommendations:

* The top questions to ask in your vendor RFPs to assess security risks

* Best practices for creating a risk management program that includes supply chain risks

* Techniques to identify significant supply chain risk

* Most common tactics attackers use when targeting the supply chain

* Defenses, frameworks, and other defenses tactics