Webinar: Data sharing in cyber: Myths and realities

 Feb 18 2021 | 45 mins

Threat data and intelligence sharing is a topic often surrounded in a swirl of controversy and questions of privacy, trust, and regulation. But in the cybersecurity space, operationalizing the real-time sharing of threat data is the only way to get ahead of attacks. It can be done safely, and anonymously — and we’ll show you how.

In this webinar you’ll learn about:

Data minimization and how IronNet handles it

How IronDome participants can control what is shared, and with whom

How the resulting “radar” view can help identify broad cyber campaigns like SUNBURST


Maj Gen USAF (Ret.) Brett Williams, IronNet Co-Founder & Cyber Strategist

David Foelber, IronNet Senior Software Engineer

Joel Bork, IronNet Senior Threat Hunter & Advisor