IronNet recognized in IDC’s network intelligence and threat analytics market share report

Why IDC named IronNet a "Vendor Who Shaped the Year"

IronNet recognized in IDC’s network intelligence and threat analytics market share report

IDC recently released its Worldwide Network Intelligence and Threat Analytics Market Shares, 2019: How the Network is Used to Unmatched Adversary (doc # US46351020, December 2020), which highlights the rise of Network Intelligence and Threat Analytics (NITA). In the report, IDC details the fast growth of NITA solutions — projected to reach nearly $1.3B worldwide at a 24% year-over-year growth rate — and takes a look at how products such as IronNet’s IronDefense Network Detection and Response and IronDome Collective Defense solutions represent an important new category of cyber defenses. The goal of these advancements is to level the playing field for enterprise security teams tasked with defending against advanced, stealthy cyber threats. 

With the recent SUNBURST hack and the subsequent knowledge of the numerous enterprises and government agencies affected by the attack, it is clear that the network continues to play an important role in any organization’s cyber defenses. The ability to identify suspicious activity using advanced and scalable behavioral analysis on network traffic, and the ability to discern what is malicious from what is merely anomalous through the use of an Expert System, is critical for modernizing cyber defense against SUNBURST and similar types of threats. Equally important is the ability to share machine-based and human-readable behavioral threat insights in near real-time across a community of peers in a Collective Defense formation to leverage defensive economies of scale across a supply chain, business ecosystems, region, or nation against the numerous adversaries (e.g., such as Russian groups) that often work together to target governments and enterprises.

 IronNet Cybersecurity offers its IronDefense network behavior and response solution...but it is IronNet's IronDome solution that is a differentiator. 

Christopher Kissel, Research Director, Security & Trust Products

An IDC “Vendor Who Shaped the Year” 

This is why IronNet Cybersecurity was founded: To leverage advanced behavioral analytics and machine learning techniques to find suspicious behaviors and leverage our collective defense capability to help identify new and novel threats across a community of peers. It is also why IDC named us as a “Vendor Who Shaped the Year” in the NITA category:

For this document, the emphasis on vendors who shaped the year went toward vendors that provided unique use cases. IronNet Cybersecurity is mentioned because its IronDome architecture helps extend the cybersecurity postures of alike businesses...This capability is a noticeable differentiator in light of the rise of nation-state level cyberthreats against critical infrastructure, including threats to the grid. 

From our executive leadership and security operations our Customer Success team... IronNet is working closely, on a daily basis, with our customers to get them the latest on discussions taking place at the local, state, national, and international level. This tight partnership with our customers is what sets IronNet apart from other security vendors and is a dynamic that we are committed to from the top down to every single employee.

You can access the report excerpt to read about why IDC chose IronNet Cybersecurity as a “Vendor Who Shaped the Year” to learn about our capabilities and how we fit within an organization’s cyber defenses.

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