Healthcare threat report unveils dangerous actors

Every healthcare organization is under constant threat of cyber attack, especially as digital transformation has opened a larger attack service. The COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t change the fact that cyber actors want to steal patient data, disrupt operations, and collect ransom payouts. It may pave the way for more egregious attempts to take advantage of the situation, as IronNet Cybersecurity Strategist John Ford explains in “Coping with COVID-19 from a healthcare cybersecurity perspective.”

But what has changed is how healthcare organizations are transforming to confront the new reality. Suddenly, non-essential personnel are working from home, requiring remote access to sensitive information. Telehealth appointments are through the roof, requiring more infrastructure to meet growing demand. And leaders are implementing new workflows and technology, requiring fast decisions on how to implement them safely. The list goes on. 

It’s not surprising that cyber criminals would choose this time to pounce. In fact, the World Health Organization has seen cyberattacks double during the Covid-19 pandemic. But for many healthcare organizations, regardless of size, this heightened security risk doesn’t require drastic changes but rather small adjustments to reflect the new reality. IronNet is proud to be part of C5 Capital’s Cyber Alliance to Defend our Healthcare to empower healthcare systems, healthcare providers, and laboratories to stave off malicious cyber actors through Collective Defense.

Healthcare sector threat report

In adjusting your defense against increasing cyber threats, it’s helpful to know what you’re up against. Our Cyber Operations Center (CyOC) has been closely tracking the healthcare threat landscape and has compiled a report based on our findings.

Significant Threats to the Healthcare Sector is a brief five-page report that provides a high-level overview of the top cyber threats facing the American healthcare sector today. The report specifically covers:

  • Typical motivations for healthcare threat actors
  • The different stages of the ransomware kill chain
  • Notable threat actors and campaigns

Now more than ever, the healthcare sector is a high-value target for cyber actors. Knowing who’s targeting your organization and how they’re targeting you makes it easier to mount the appropriate defenses. Doing so will allow your organization to focus on the mission at hand.

Read Significant Threats to the Healthcare Sector to better protect your data and critical infrastructure systems during these historic times.


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