Collective Defense:
A radar-like view of cyber threats

Collective Defense is the ability for organizations — comprising a sector, supply chain, or country — to share threat intelligence securely and in real time, providing all members an early warning system about potential incoming attacks. Discover the benefits of this new approach to cybersecurity.

In this eBook, we will illustrate how Collective Defense works to provide:

  • Greater visibility of the threat landscape across industries and sectors.

  • Improved effectiveness of SOC teams and cybersecurity investments.

  • Faster mean-time to incident response and recovery.

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Keeping up with today's cyber threats requires a collaborative approach

Imagine how much better our defenses would be if we defended as one unit instead of many individuals. A dozen analysts collaborating on a joint set of threats can be much more productive than a single analyst at a dozen companies working in isolation. That is the true power of Collective Defense.

- General (Ret.) Keith Alexander
former Commander U.S. Cyber Command and current Co-CEO and Founder of IronNet Cybersecurity

An in-depth look at collective defense

Get access to the benefits, insights, and approaches to adopting Collective Defense
Optimize scarce cyber resources against risks to your organization
Empower security operations analyst across organizations to collaborate on detection and response to cyber threats
Understand the threats that are targeting your industry, your region, and your company