3 Lessons on Blocking Cyber Attacks for the Education Sector

Time: 1pm UK GMT
Date: December 14, 2022

Don’t give hackers what they want for the holidays: your data. 

Did you know? There’s now a way to detect cyber adversaries as they are setting up the “brain” of their attack campaign: a malicious C2 server. IronNet’s top-of-the-class threat hunters have figured out how to block and tackle the cyber bullies before they wreak havoc on your education organisation's network and steal student information.

Get in your seat for this don’t-miss webinar to learn 3 important lessons:

  1. Ways to detect threat actors before they can strike

  2. The secret to turning reactive threat intelligence into proactive threat intel

  3. The value of automating detection, especially when you’re dealing with limited resources 

After the webinar, you’ll ace your lesson on IronRadar: the easy-to-integrate C2 threat intel feed built by a team of expert offensive and defensive cybersecurity operators in the IronNet Cybersecurity Operations Center, who bring unparalleled experience defending some of the world’s most secure networks and hunting for sophisticated attackers.


Joey Fitzpatrick, IronNet Threat Analysis Manager

Darren Gale, IronNet Vice President, International